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Premise Phone Systems
For Businesses

Premise phone systems can be described as unified communications solutions that function as a private telephone network hosted on-site.

What is a Premise (On-Site) Phone System?

Premise phone systems can be described as unified communications solutions that function as a private telephone network hosted on-site. In this scenario, the on-premise phone system will use a variety of communication channels like analog, ISDN, and Voice over IP phone systems to make calls both internally and externally.

With robust telephone systems hosted on-site, you can have more phones than physical lines. This enables calls between internal users at no extra cost. Premise telephone systems also come with all the industry standard features like auto attendants, conferencing, music on hold, unified messaging, and more.

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Complete Control of Your Network

As premise phone systems physically run on in-house hardware, you will have complete control of your network. In this scenario, all the signaling will occur locally on your own enterprise LAN network instead of over the Internet. Therefore companies can benefit from the non-existence of signaling distance and latency. However, this means that your business will be responsible for securing, maintaining, and updating the system during the lifecycle of the hardware.

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Lower Monthly Operating Costs

Premise phone systems will save your business money over time because of minimal monthly operating costs. For large enterprises, it will also mean that the more users you have on the system, the more money you will save when compared to cloud-based hosted phone systems.

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Enhanced Security

SIP trunks will save your business on both domestic and international calls when compared to traditional carriers. This is because when you have your own premise phone system, you will be empowered to choose the carriers you want to work with to access considerable savings.

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HIPAA Compliance

If your business is governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that protects the security and privacy of patient health information, we got you covered. To minimize risk, it’s essential to engage a third-party to conduct an external assessment to compliment and add more credibility to your internal audit.

At Verticomm, we are highly experienced in helping clients maintain HIPAA compliance. To ensure observance of all applicable regulations, we will work closely with you to establish best practices that cover computers, laptops, desk phones, and mobile devices.

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