Verkada Environmental Sensors

Environmental sensors help you monitor the conditions around you. These sensors help keep you, your facility, and your equipment safe. Many businesses use environmental sensors to detect:

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PM 2.5 (particulate matter)
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TVOC (volatile organic compounds)
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Humidity, air quality, flow, and pressure
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Proximity, motion, or contact
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Noise & vibration frequencies
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Water or leaks
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There are five main categories of
environmental sensors:

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Water Detection
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Physical Access
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Specialized Sensors
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Sensor Hubs
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Security Sensors

You Can Use Any Combination of Sensors to:

✔️  Optimize equipment uptime
✔️  Secure equipment
✔️  Uptime, performance, and security monitoring
✔️  Proactive monitoring
✔️  Save on heating and cooling costs
✔️  Manage facility access

Plus, you can invest in environmental sensors that integrate with cloud-based dashboards. You can also integrate with software hubs to monitor metrics in one place.

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How Environmental Sensors Work

Environmental sensors (or security sensors) measure things that humans can’t. And sensors make it easier for office managers, security pros, and other team members to focus. Here’s how it works:

Configure Your Data Streams and Set up Alerts

First, identify your company’s sensor needs. Then decide whether you want to focus on security, environmental safety, or both.

Next, invest in sophisticated sensors like Verkada security cameras and environmental sensors. They integrate together so it’s easy to configure streams, notifications, and more.

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Get Notified of Suspicious or Unusual Activity

Verkada automatically sends you alerts when something out of the ordinary happens. This way you can focus on the task at hand without worrying or checking a dashboard every few minutes.

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Connect With Real-Time Video Streams

When you get an alert, you can instantly see what’s going on. In just a couple of taps, you can access real-time video with Verkada’s security cameras. Assess whether it’s a threat that has to be addressed right now, or whether it’s a false alarm.

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Improve Safety For Your Business With Environmental Sensors

Environmental and security sensors are ideal for businesses with:

Manufacturing Floors

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Protect worker health
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Better product control
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Measure and monitor air quality

Storage Rooms

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Climate control
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Monitor changes in temperature and humidity
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Protect products, records, files,
and so on

Property Management

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Excessive noise alerts
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Get a strong grasp on space
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Protect worker & tenants health


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Monitor for vaping and smoking
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Protect student health
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Prevent bullying and/or fighting

Server Rooms

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Expensive IT equipment
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Important data
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High temperature risk

Key Environmental Sensor Features

When you take full advantage of environmental sensors, you unlock countless benefits. Here are some common use cases for Verkada environmental sensors:

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Air Quality Index

✔️  AQI measures pollution in the air
✔️  Detects unsafe levels over 100
✔️  Can detect AQI between 0 and 500


✔️  Detects relative humidity
✔️  Measures how much moisture is in the air
✔️  CMOS sensor


✔️  Changes in infrared light absorption
✔️  Detects human or animal motion
✔️  Based on the motion of warm bodies


✔️  Microphone sensor
✔️  Detects noise levels between 20 & 120 dB
✔️  Maintains OSHA compliance

PM 2.5

✔️  Particulate matter that can be inhaled
✔️  Dust, exhaust, and fuel
✔️  Laser scattering optical sensor

Vape Detection

✔️  Developed by Verkada
✔️  Measures smoking or vaping activity
✔️  Detects levels between 0 and 100

Discover How Verticomm Can Protect Your Business With Verkada Environmental Sensors

Verticomm is here to help you get started with Verkada environmental sensors. Our team of security and environmental safety pros can get you up, running, and ready to go in no time. Here are a few ways you’ll benefit from partnering with Verticomm for Verkada:

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Easy Installation

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Configure your environmental system in minutes
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No complicated software
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Customize your alerts and data streams in no time
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Cloud Managed Solutions

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Automatic updates
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Secure and remote access
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Connect with any device in
any location
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Simple to Use

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Verkada sensors don’t require
any training
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Easy integration with Verkada security cameras
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Easy-to-visualize data
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Built to Scale With You

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Cloud solutions scale with you
as you grow
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Keep bandwidth impact to a minimum
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No limit on sensors or users

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