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Reliable Business IT Hardware Solutions

Verticomm is a trusted provider for all your business hardware needs. We offer Servers, Switches, Firewalls, PCs, and more to fill all your business needs.

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Customized Business
IT Hardware Solutions

The technology landscape is changing rapidly, and the need to transform your IT infrastructure will demand significant knowledge and experience. That’s why Verticomm has consistently helped facilitate and support a variety of enterprises and company environments in fully managed and co-managed scenarios to make this transition as painless as possible.

The Verticomm Difference

When you partner with Verticomm, you rely on our end-to-end service for all your technology needs. Our approach to hardware and maintenance will guarantee minimum downtime and enhanced availability.

As we also operate our own leasing company, you can be sure to lease the equipment you need today at a manageable monthly price. In fact, with ACP Leasing, you will have greater purchasing power and more flexibility.

  • One Partner for All Your Technology Needs
  • Business Continuity
  • Upholding Best-Practice Standards Ensures ROI
  • Eliminate Shortsighted Purchases
  • Avoid Vendor Lock-In
  • Leasing Options at Manageable Prices
  • Reduce Capital Expenses
  • Better Security Solutions & Scalability
  • Peak Hardware Performance
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If your enterprise employs more than five employees, you will likely need a server to enhance operational efficiency and boost productivity. We will build an agile, future-ready, on-premise server that can handle any load and maximize performance across a wide range of storage and applications.

You will also have the option of working off a central storage repository that will make your business more efficient and secure.


As bandwidth continues to increase, you need an internal switch network that can take advantage of these expanded speeds. Verticomm provides best-in-class multi-port network switches that will securely connect your devices on the network.


In the age of ransomware attacks, it’s critical for businesses to properly secure their digital assets. A hardware firewall is a device that is connected between the internal network and enterprise devices that are then connected to the Internet.

These were traditionally used by larger corporations that required reliable IT solutions to protect their enterprise from unauthorized access and cyber attacks, but now every business has realized the value of protecting their network and data.


Speed, efficiency, and overall response time are critical to modern businesses. As a result, businesses demand fast and reliable desktop PCs that can help them maintain a competitive advantage. When you partner with Verticomm, we can provide your business with customized, powerful desktop PCs based on your business needs.


The workforce is now more mobile and demands highly reliable laptops and tablets that are always connected and running efficiently. Verticomm works with industry-leading brands so you can rest assured that you will never have to compromise performance for mobility.

Wireless Hardware

Wireless hardware is at the core of keeping your business continuously connected. To help your enterprise ensure enhanced connectivity and business continuity, we provide best-in-class Wireless Antennas, Wireless Network Adapters, Wireless Repeaters, and Wireless Routers and Access Points.