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Hardware services replace your need to invest in up-front IT. It’s also called hardware-as-a-service or HaaS, and it’s a popular choice for many new and small businesses. Hardware services are an affordable alternative to in-house tech and here’s how it works:

1. Instead of spending thousands on hardware, you partner with a hardware services provider.

2. Your hardware services provider offers IT solutions on-premises or through remote solutions.

3. You don’t have to invest in onsite hardware or an in-house team to manage it. Instead, you pay a reasonable monthly fee.

Verticomm is an industry-leading hardware services provider. Let’s explore the services we offer and why they benefit you.

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The Benefits of Hardware Services

Companies that choose hardware services over privately-owned equipment enjoy countless benefits like:

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Low upfront cost

Instead of paying for your own hardware, you “rent” it for an affordable monthly fee. This lets you better plan your budget, save money, and add/remove hardware as needed.

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Robust security

When you invest in HaaS with Verticomm, you also invest in high-end security. We’re equipped with a team of IT security experts. This means we’re always monitoring security and protecting you from potential threats.

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Improved Operational Efficiency

Since we provide the hardware, we also provide the staff. You don’t have to hire your own team of in-house IT techs. We take care of all your hardware needs for you.

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If you buy your own hardware, you make a long-term commitment. If you downsize, you’re stuck with equipment you don’t need. And if you grow, you have to keep investing in expensive hardware. But with Verticomm, you simply scale your hardware needs up and down according to your needs.

Who Needs Hardware Services

In short, the answer is that everyone needs hardware services. It’s affordable, it’s flexible, and it’s much easier than traditional hardware. But there are some businesses that benefit more than others.

HaaS is ideal for small, mid-sized, new, and growing businesses. These types of businesses have expanding hardware needs. HaaS makes it easy to get your hands on more hardware without investing a lot of capital upfront. Plus, it helps your staff stay lean because you don’t have to hire IT experts to set up and manage your equipment.

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Customized Business IT Hardware Solutions

The technology landscape changes rapidly and constantly. This puts pressure on your business to constantly update your IT infrastructure. Plus, this means you have to have in-house experts to manage everything.

But with Verticomm, you pay a fixed monthly fee and we take care of everything for you. We facilitate and support a wide variety of enterprise and company environments. We offer fully-managed and co-managed agreements to match your business preferences.

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The Verticomm Difference

When you partner with us, you invest in end-to-end service for all your needs. We’re the all-in-one hardware solution. And our approach to hardware and maintenance guarantees minimum downtime and enhanced availability.

We operate our own hardware leasing company. This means you can lease any equipment you need at a reasonable monthly price. When you partner with Verticomm, you have more purchasing power and more flexibility.

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Verticomm Hardware Benefits

Companies that choose Verticomm for their hardware needs benefit from services like:

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One partner for all your technology needs
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Business continuity
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 Upholding best-practice standards ensure ROI
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Eliminate shortsighted purchases
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Avoid vendor lock-in
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Leasing options at manageable prices
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Reduce capital expenses
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Better security solutions & scalability
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Peak hardware performance
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Here’s a Look at Some of The Hardware Services we Offer:

✔️  Servers
✔️  Switches
✔️  Firewalls
✔️  Desktop PC's
✔️  Laptops
✔️  Tablets
✔️  Wireless Hardware
✔️  Security Cameras

Verticomm’s Hardware Services Are Designed With You in Mind

Our goal is to match the hardware needs of your business. So when you grow, our hardware services grow with you. Plus, we believe in transparent, predictable pricing. This means no surprise costs — you only pay for what you need and what you use. If you need more or less hardware, let us know. We can work together to scale your hardware services up and down as needed.

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