IT Strategy Consulting

IT is so much more than just keeping the servers up and running. Nowadays, it’s a critical component of competitive business strategy. Your business goals and IT infrastructure have to work together in harmony. Otherwise, you might be missing opportunities and leaving dollars on the table.

IT strategy consulting is what bridges the gap between a great business and great IT. But you need a great IT consultant on your side to get it right. This means partnering with a consultant that can:

✔️  Understand your industry’s processes
✔️  Find ways to customize IT infrastructure to match business goals
✔️  Achieve the best results possible in cost-effective ways

Verticomm is the IT strategy consultant that can deliver what you're looking for. Everything from business growth to navigating industry disruptions — we've got you covered.

We can shine a light on where you're at now, and illuminate the path forward to a brighter future.

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IT Strategy Roadmapping

Verticomm specializes in IT strategy roadmapping. We work closely with you to build and execute a plan that best serves your business goals.

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Business and IT Alignment

Create a symbiotic relationship between business and IT strategies.

• Review business goals and strategies
• Identify ways IT can support these goals
• Identify ways IT can serve as a foundation for new strategies

IT Roadmap Development

Envision the future and develop a detailed plan to make it a reality.

• Define roadmap initiatives (risk management, new business applications, and so on)
• Prioritize and describe these initiatives
• Outline final desired outcomes

IT Current State Analysis

Get an accurate read on your current IT infrastructure, costs, and needs.

• Assess the current IT infrastructure (data centers, cloud computing, and so on)
• Prioritize the importance of each IT system or application
• Identify which systems to maintain, replace, or upgrade

Innovation and Technology Consulting

Achieve your goals faster with innovative technologies.

• Identify opportunities for business growth
• Evaluate IT options that can help achieve those goals
• Leverage the latest technology to grow faster (and better)

Future State Analysis

Explore new and exciting options at the forefront of technology.

• Envision the future of your business where anything is possible
• Imagine your business goals and IT infrastructure are in perfect harmony
• Identify IT solutions that can bridge the gap between right now and the future

IT strategy consulting helps you
achieve your goals

Discover the power of smart IT strategy consulting. Here’s what you can expect to achieve with the help of Verticomm’s consulting services.

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Optimized project management

Discover ways to streamline project management with the help of IT systems. This includes task automation, process enhancement, and resource management.

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More cost savings

Leverage IT solutions to achieve business goals and reduce overhead costs. For example, replace expensive proprietary software with other cost-effective platforms and processes.

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Faster ROI

Smart IT strategy investment can lead to long-term profits and growth. Plus, these IT strategies often pay for themselves relatively quickly.

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Better innovation

Bring new and exciting ideas to life even faster with IT strategy consulting. This shortens the gaps between concept, development, and launch.

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Effective IT Budgeting

Utilizing effective IT budgeting helps avoid the pitfalls of failing equipment causing outages and allows the business to purchase at the best time for the most competitive price.

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Enhanced transparency and clarity

Define your company’s future and create an easy-to-follow map that shows you how to get there. IT strategy consulting clears the path forward.

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