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Video Surveillance Systems

When you partner with Verticomm for surveillance systems, you will benefit from our established relationship with Denver’s leading colocation facility, Iron Mountain.

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Ensuring Real-Time Security
& Accountability

Enterprises need robust security surveillance systems they can rely on to protect their business interests. From physical assets to personnel and customers, comprehensive video surveillance systems are necessary to better secure enterprise environments.

Verticomm is experienced in providing highly customized surveillance technology to accommodate your needs. With a wide array of best-in-class security cameras at our disposal, we will help protect your commercial infrastructure.

Our Approach

From discovery to design and delivery, our approach relies on thorough documentation. We have the unique ability to layout where all the surveillance cameras will be located and what footage they will capture prior to any installation. Once installed, we are also here to help maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade your surveillance system as needed.

Why Choose Video Surveillance Systems?

Video surveillance systems play a critical role in crime prevention. It’s an excellent way to curb crime on your commercial property as its mere presence can work as an effective deterrence.

At the same time, it can also function as an innovative tool that helps you stay on top of day-to-day operations.

Verticomm’s offering comes with the option of hosting the recording equipment on premise or on our robust cloud infrastructure.

NEC IP Video Cameras

At Verticomm, we provide our clients with cutting-edge surveillance technology through our established partnership with industry leader NEC. For example, we can deliver a wide array of NEC IP video cameras that can leverage your current network infrastructure to record, stream, and deliver real-time audio and video feeds.

Network IP video surveillance systems can seamlessly transmit high-quality voice and video through a network IP interface. Verticomm will work with you to choose the desired locations, proper camera types, and connect the cameras back to your IP network with options for cloud or premise-based storage of the security camera footage.