Need a Cyber Security Assessment?

A cyber security assessment tests how vulnerable your business is to cyberattacks. This includes threat detection, threat response times, and threat defense. In other words, it’s how well your business can find and resolve security attacks. And how quickly you can recover from an attack.

Cyber security assessments are different from audits in that they’re more personalized. Audits are simple checklists. Whereas assessments cater to a business or industry. Besides, assessments ensure you’re compliant with specialized security standards like:

✔️  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
✔️  Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
✔️  Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)
✔️  Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMCC)
✔️  Health Insurance Portability & Accountability (HIPAA)
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6-Step Approach to a
Cyber Security Assessment

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#1: Determine  Scope of the Project

Identify assets to evaluate. These can include devices, data, networks, and so on.

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#2: Evaluate Value of the Project

Analyze each asset and identify its value. Value can be cost, or it can be intangible.

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#3: Check for Cyber Security Risks

Check for ways your assets can be exploited by a hacker or cybercriminal.

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#4: Compare Value and Cost

Explore whether it’s worth protecting assets based on how much that protection costs.

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#5: Implement and Monitor

Implement your new cyber security policy and make sure it’s constantly monitored.

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#6: Annual Security Check Up

technology is always evolving and so are hackers, make sure to do an in-depth assessment yearly.

Verticomm Cyber Security
Assessment Services

Verticomm offers comprehensive cyber security assessments.
Each assessment includes features like:

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Social Engineering

Attempt social engineering scams against your employees. This identifies which level of your business is most vulnerable to social exploitation.

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Scenario-Based Testing

Create advanced attack scenarios and run them against your current cyber security infrastructure.

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Vulnerability Testing

Evaluate your software systems to identify and resolve potential cyber attacks.

Benefits of Cyber Security Assessment

No matter which industry you work in, your business is vulnerable to cyber threats. Cyber security assessments not only help keep your
company safe, but they also:

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Identify Vulnerabilities

✔️  Prioritize according to risk level
✔️  Find noncompliance with security standards
✔️  Check for security inefficiencies

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Increase Cyber Security Awareness

✔️  Educate employees and management
✔️  Learn security best practices
✔️  Spread risk awareness

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Wireless Security Assessment

✔️  Authentication and encryption
✔️  Secure your network against attacks
✔️  Enable remote work with less risk

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Improve Decision-Making

✔️  Get employees and management on the same page
✔️  Receive a complete list of threats and risks
✔️  Work as a team to identify threats

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Breach and Compromise Assessment

✔️  Identify indicators of compromise
✔️  Determine best course of action
✔️  Back up important data

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Policy and Procedure Review

✔️  Verticomm analyzes your business needs
✔️  Compare business needs against current policy
✔️  Develop a solid policy for your business

Choose Verticomm for cyber security
assessment services

With Verticomm, you can rest assured knowing that your business is more secure than ever. Our cyber security assessment services:

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Analyze your current security policies
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Test networks, devices, and software
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Diligently identify vulnerable points

Cyber security protects you, your business, and your data from online attacks. It also keeps your vendors and customers safe. And it’s a necessary part of doing business in our modern world.

It’s important to know where you stand against potential threats. That’s why Verticomm is here to help identify and mitigate cyber threats. Keep in mind that cyber security is always evolving, too. This means we recommend routine security assessments. Routine checks make sure you’re always compliant with current security standards.

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