Networking Solutions

A network connects two or more devices and lets them communicate with one another. Networking solutions keep your employees connected ... no matter where they are in the world. Most business networking solutions should support:

✔️ Voice    ✔️ Data    ✔️ Wireless

And a network provider should offer:

✔️ Network security and protection    ✔️ Scalable solutions    ✔️ Flexible capabilities

This is why Verticomm specializes in networking solutions like:

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Wireless Networks

Campus-wide evaluations
Custom network solutions
High-end hardware and mobility

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Network Security

Secure and powerful firewalls
Protect data and digital assets
Secure virtual networks

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Email Security

Secure email accounts
Protect against cyber attacks
Manage risk exposure

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Threat Management Training

Train staff to identify potential cyber threats
Common penetration tactic training
Random threat testing

Why your business needs networking solutions

Most businesses choose networking solutions to:

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Upgrade an existing network
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Implement a new network
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Streamline or maintain network performance

Networks keep your devices connected and secure. If you have several employees or smart devices, a network streamlines connectivity. And it’s a vital part of doing business in our contemporary world.

Networks transmit data, and it has to be fast and accurate. Otherwise, you risk poor performance, poor productivity, and even lost revenue. Not to mention, a slow network is just flat-out frustrating.

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Benefits of Networking Solutions

When you invest in networking solutions, you invest in your own success. You can think of your network as a foundation. And the stronger your network foundation is, the better off your business will be in the future. Here are some other common benefits of networking solutions:

Comprehensive security

When you use a network, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to security. Networks empower employers to:

✔️  Control resource access
✔️  Protect files and sensitive data
✔️  Secure smart devices and equipment
✔️  Share information securely

You get to decide who accesses which resources. And you get to decide which employees can securely access the network remotely.

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Carefully planned business networks can actually save companies a lot of money. This is because networks can share resources like:

✔️  Printers
✔️  Scanners
✔️  Data storage
✔️  Software licenses
✔️  Centralized databases

Let’s look at printers as an example. Without a network, every employee would need their own printer to print documents. But with a network, every employee can share the same printer.

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Flexible solutions

There are many different types of networks, and each offers its own level of security. Most businesses use local area networks (LAN) in office settings. Some other examples include:

✔️  Personal area networks (PAN)
✔️  Home area networks (HAN)
✔️  Wide area networks (WAN)
✔️  Campus networks
✔️  Metropolitan area networks (MAN)
✔️  Enterprise private networks
✔️  Global area networks (GAN)

In addition, you get to scale networks up and down according to your needs. For example, if you hire more people, you can scale up your network to accommodate them.

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Verticomm’s network solution process

Verticomm has a team of highly-trained network engineers. Each of them is trained to work with businesses just like yours to develop a custom network solution. This includes:

✔️  System upgrades
✔️  New technology integrations
✔️  Planning and road mapping

Plus, our approach makes sure that your network stays available, scalable, and secure. And we make the most of your current network spend.

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Every Verticomm network process starts with an audit. This means our expert IT engineers,
techs, and business consultants evaluate your on-premises IT infrastructure.

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