Benefits of Managed IT Services

When we get down to it, managed IT services just make life easier for everyone. Whether you need an IT team or you already have one, a managed service provider can help you get to the next level. Most managed IT service providers offer solutions like:

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Disaster recovery and planning
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And more
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Top Benefits of Managed IT Services

When you take advantage of these services, you unlock countless benefits. Let’s explore each of them to better understand how your business can grow with the help of managed IT services.

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Save on Operation Costs

No matter which way you cut it, an in-house team of full-time IT specialists is expensive. Employee salaries, benefits packages, and insurance add up fast. They can add up even faster if you hire more than one specialist. Not to mention it takes time (and money) to train each tech.

Instead, you can outsource all your IT needs to an experienced crew. When you do this, you trade in high, variable overhead for a lower, fixed rate. Plus, managed IT services keep other tech costs down, too. Depending on which provider you choose, you’ll also save on:

✔️ IT consulting
✔️ Software licensing
✔️ Emergency hardware repairs

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Fast Response Times

Most managed service providers offer 24/7/365 support. When something doesn’t work as expected on a weekend or holiday, your provider is there to help — no matter what. Compare this to in-house IT techs who are only available during normal business hours.

Plus, your provider can take care of disruptive software updates overnight. This cuts down on unnecessary downtime during the workday.

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Cybersecurity Support

Ransomeware, viruses, and other cyber attacks were already a problem before the global pandemic hit. Yet since then, the number of attacks has hit record-breaking highs. More than 80% of organizations were compromised with at least one attack in 2020. That number rose to more than 86% in 2021.

Cybersecurity support helps protect your company against cybercriminals. Many managed IT service providers offer this service and ensure your business complies with cybersecurity's many changing regulations.

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Increased Efficiency and Competitiveness

Managed service providers help businesses stay organized and up-to-date with the latest technology. More than half of all companies with 100+ employees partner with managed service providers to increase:

✔️ Efficiency
✔️ Profitability
✔️ Industry competitiveness

47% of companies with 100 employees or fewer choose managed IT services for the same reasons. 

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IT Experience and Expertise

When you onboard a managed service provider, you onboard a team of experts who are:

✔️ Qualified
✔️ Trained
✔️ Certified
✔️ Experienced
✔️ Specialized

This means you have several IT experts at arm’s length, at all times. Plus, you don’t have to find, hire, and train an entire team by yourself. This saves you time, money, and (if we’re being honest) frustration.

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Reduced Risk

No matter what kind of business you run, there’s some kind of risk involved. This might be the risk of cyberattacks or changing market conditions. Or maybe there's a risk in not keeping up with competitors.

The good news is that managed IT services help you reduce risk in a cost-effective way. This is because you get a team of tech experts who understand:

✔️ Security protocols
✔️ Compliance standards
✔️ Evolving technologies

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Easily Predict and Scale IT Spending

If you’re a new business, investing in IT infrastructure can be expensive. And if you’re a growing business, it’s tough to predict what your IT needs will be.

But with managed IT services, you can consolidate these costs into a single, fixed cost each month. This is because providers take other costs into account and roll them into your monthly fee. Then, when you’re ready to take a step up (or down), your provider scales your IT infrastructure accordingly.

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Better Compliance and Security

Retail, healthcare, real estate. Whatever industry you’re in, chances are that you’re responsible for keeping your data safe. This is especially true if you manage client, patient, and/or transaction data. And data regulations vary based on the size and type of your business.
Managed IT service providers can help identify and uphold security compliance standards. In most cases, providers are already familiar with certain privacy and security rules. But if they aren’t, they can partner with your legal team to identify which regulations apply to you.

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Discover the Power of Managed IT Services

Businesses all around the world understand and leverage the benefits of managed IT services. If you partner with the right provider, you too can:

✔️ Save on overhead costs
✔️ Get around-the-clock support
✔️ Secure your business against cyberattacks
✔️ Increase efficiency and competitiveness
✔️ Predict and scale your IT spending
✔️ Stay compliant with important security regulations

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