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About Us

Verticomm is a leading managed IT services provider headquartered in Denver, Colorado and proudly serves Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri. Verticomm was founded in 1999 and later joined All Copy Products as its IT division. We have been providing IT infrastructure and support services to corporations, academic institutions, and government agencies throughout North America.

Verticomm’s best-in-class IT solutions include backup services, cloud solutions, managed IT services, computer solutions, phone systems, hardware, software, security solutions, and much more. We are committed to delivering true measurable business value through our extensive technology partnerships with industry leaders like IBM, HP, and Mitel.

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How We Work

Verticomm’s highly customized, industry-leading computer solutions range from cloud services to virtualization of servers and desktops. These IT solutions will empower your business to leverage the latest technology, cost-effectively.

When you partner with Verticomm, your business will benefit from our decades of industry experience and our award-winning customer support team, who will help you identify the right solutions to scale your business seamlessly.

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Why Work With Verticomm

At Verticomm, we’re on a mission to deliver excellent customer service and the best IT solutions the industry has to offer. When you partner with us, we will work closely with you and share our unrivaled, industry-specific knowledge, coupled with an arsenal of industry-leading computer solutions and security solutions to help you achieve your goals on time and within budget.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Verticomm has grown over the years and currently has 11 locations spread across four states -Colorado, Arizona, Kansas, and Wyoming.

Over the last two decades, companies have partnered with us because of our insightful local knowledge and our world-class service. We will work within your existing IT systems and processes, or design custom solutions that meet your specific business needs.

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What We Do

  • Cloud Services
  • Networking & Hardware
  • Structured Cabling
  • Managed IT Services
  • Phone Systems
  • Unified Communications

Verticomm attracts top talent from around the country and we never stop investing in developing our people’s skills. This approach has lead to excellent employee retention rates, which benefit our clients throughout the lifecycle of each contract.

Our focus has always been customer-centric, so no matter what problem your business might be faced with, we will find you the best solution. We apply our values to everything we do and are backed internally by high-level accountability.

When you get in touch with Verticomm, your business will be well-placed to leverage enhanced agility, scalability, affordability, and compliance.

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"I can’t speak highly enough of Verticomm, it really has been as good as they promised it would be. The amount of money we have saved by switching is pretty incredible. While the monthly charge is similar to what we were paying before, we didn’t have to spend almost $20,000 on new servers. We would have continued to do that every 5-7 years as we always have."

Corey McIntire

Willbanks Reserve Corporation

“The entire process of getting these new lines run was AWESOME. Kurt was very responsive on getting us the information and the cost to complete the job. The tech was professional, helpful, quick and non-invasive. Thank you guys for making our experience great so far!”

Ethan Simkins

Hudspeth & Associates

"Working with Mathias Roberts and Andrew Lombardo was a pleasure. They took many headaches off of me with my move. Nick Gerhardt stayed on top of my Comcast move--which Comcast did not make easy for him, but he took care of it. Easiest Comcast move / install I have ever experienced. Chuck built and installed our server rack in the new location--he was pleasant to work with and did a very professional job. Thanks ACP and Verticomm!"

Laurie Otero

Ascent Energy

“Your IT team is also beyond phenomenal.  Pete, Zach, Jake and Ruth. The support and business plan that was presented by the whole team personally was amazing.  As stated earlier, the customer service, communication, weekly updates and phone calls are very reassuring to us that we have made the right decision in choosing your company. “

Carol Rogers

Primrose School of Thornton