Managed Cybersecurity

Managed cyber security replaces traditional in-house services. Instead of hiring your own team, partner with a managed cyber security provider. All your security services are bundled into a simple, affordable monthly package. You get to enjoy services that protect your:

✔️  Data
✔️  Software
✔️  Network
✔️  Employees
✔️  Endpoints
✔️  Email
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Professional Cybersecurity For Your Business

If your cyber security isn’t keeping up with cybercriminals, you’re at risk for a breach. This is why managed security services are so valuable.

Security services keep you up to date with the latest security technologies. And it's all without having to pay for expensive equipment or software. And they protect you from fines, liability, and penalties in the event of a serious attack. Common cyber security threats include:

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Phishing & Spearphishing
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Malicious SQL Injections
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DOS Attacks
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And so much more

The easiest way to fight off a cyber attack is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Get better security with managed cyber security services from Verticomm.

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Managed Cybersecurity Features

When you partner with Verticomm for security, you protect your
business from threats. Plus, you get tons of added bonuses like:

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Threat Monitoring, Management

  • Round-the-clock security monitoring

  • We keep an eye on your security so you can rest assured

  • Greater peace of mind and protection

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Secure Internet Access

  • Data encryption

  • Safe communication

  • Enhanced network security

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Advanced Endpoint Security

  • Desktops and laptops

  • Mobile devices and smart devices

  • Ideal for industries with field staff

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Firewall Protection

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic

  • Create a barrier between your network and other networks

  • Block unwanted or suspicious traffic

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Comprehensive Security Reporting and Intelligence

  • Internal and federal-level cyber incident reports

  • Gather insights about the latest cyberattacks

  • Understand the emerging cyber threats

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Detect potential data breaches

  • Prevents cyberattacks focused
    on data

  • Protects email, instant messaging, and more

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Cyber Security Compliance

  • Meet or exceed certain cyber security standards & regulations

  • Protect your customer data
    and privacy

  • Avoid serious fines, fees, or penalties

Verticomm Offers Advanced
Cybersecurity services

We offer sophisticated cyber security services, and we categorize
them into two groups:

Cyber Security Monitoring

Verticomm provides your company with round-the-clock threat protection. This includes firewall and endpoint protection. And real-time threat response from our expert cyber security techs. We help you build a strong defense, then we make sure it stays strong against evolving security risks.

Cyber Security Compliance

Your company has to stay updated with the latest security regulations. And it's especially important if you're in finance, banking, or other related industries.

This is why we specialize in federal compliance services like GLBA, FFIEC, and more. We offer sanctions compliance, vendor risk management, and cyber security training services.

With combined monitoring and compliance services, your business is protected inside and out. Cyber security keeps you safe from malicious attacks from cybercriminals. They also protect you from a serious breach which could lead to lawsuits and penalties.

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Choose Verticomm for Managed Cybersecurity Services

Cybercriminals work endlessly to find network and data vulnerabilities. But the good news is that Verticomm works even harder to stop them in their tracks. Our managed cyber security services protect your business with:

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Threat Monitoring
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Firewall Services
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Data Loss Prevention
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Security Reporting
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Secure Access
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Endpoint Security
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Website and App Protection
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Managed Cybersecurity

Verticomm works diligently to deliver the best in managed cyber security services. We check for vulnerabilities. We take a proactive approach to security. And we’ve got a 24/7 team that’s always ready to respond in the event of a cyberattack.
Talk with Verticomm today about how to secure your data, your network, and your business. Our experts are standing by to answer all of your cyber security questions.

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