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Cloud IT Solutions

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud IT solutions describe a multiplicity of cloud computing services that provide access to on-demand shared computing resources like applications, processing power, and storage via the internet where all the heavy lifting involved in crunching and processing data is performed on the cloud

From public clouds and private clouds to hybrid clouds, cloud computing not only boosts productivity and collaboration, but also offers enhanced availability and security solutions for data. For businesses, it provides instant access to cutting-edge technologies at a significantly lower cost.

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Public Cloud

Public clouds are owned, operated, and managed by third-party cloud service providers who offer enterprises remote access to computing resources. In this cloud computing model, customers rent and share the same hardware, storage, and networking technologies with other businesses.

Like all clouds solutions, public clouds are highly scalable and reliable and offer significant savings as you only pay for what you use. Since you don’t own the infrastructure, you don’t incur any maintenance costs.

Private Cloud

A private cloud provides computing services and resources exclusively to a single business entity. As a result, it’s often physically located in an on-site data center or managed and hosted by a third-party cloud service provider.

As all the hardware and software involved are dedicated solely to your business, private clouds are highly customizable to meet specific business demands. This makes it highly suitable for business-critical functions that have to be managed and controlled through internal resources.

Like public clouds, this computing model also offers enhanced scalability and reliability, while remaining cost-effective. However, it possesses improved security solutions and increased control over the network environment.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid clouds leverage a combination of on-premise infrastructure and third-party public cloud resources to help businesses access greater flexibility depending on current data deployment requirements.

In this cloud computing model, you can seamlessly move data between private and public cloud infrastructure based on your data security needs. Like all cloud IT solutions, hybrid clouds also provide increased scalability with significant cost reductions.

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Key Benefits of Cloud IT Solutions

When enterprises engage a third-party private cloud IT solutions provider like Verticomm, they free themselves from routine infrastructure maintenance activities to focus on the core of their business. This approach helps companies minimize IT expenses while optimizing performance and improving manageability. Cloud technology also enables companies to access significant savings by taking advantage of rapid elasticity.

It is a technology model that also supports seamless, on-demand broad network access to shared computing resources like the following:

  • Applications
  • Networks
  • Severs
  • Security
  • Services
  • Storage

All of the above can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal service provider interaction.
Furthermore, when you leverage the cloud, the backend of the application will be managed entirely by the provider.

Cloud technology makes businesses highly flexible because employees can gain seamless, secure access to enterprise applications and data from anywhere on the planet. It’s also a technology model that ensures improved collaboration, increased performance, business continuity, improved security, and increased scalability that were once only available to large corporations.

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