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Turnkey Cloud Business IT Solutions

Verticomm is a premier provider of business cloud IT solutions. For just one affordable monthly payment, we offer the best, all-inclusive cloud-based plan on the market.

Cloud Computing Reduces Costs & Downtime

The exponential growth of data is changing the way we conduct business. At the same time, the sheer volume of data that is generated in real-time has made it a significant challenge for enterprises to store all their critical information while keeping their systems up and running on in-house servers.

The solution to this problem is Verticomm’s Managed Cloud IT Solutions that are designed to be highly secure and cost-effective. When you engage one of our in-house experts, we will assess your readiness, review your environment, analyze your applications, and devise a strategy to ensure seamless and efficient migration to our secure, private cloud.

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World Class Data Service Center

Verticomm’s Total Cloud IT solutions enable subject matter experts to host all servers and backup solutions at our world-class, tier 3 data service center. Our colocation centers have a proven track record for delivering operational efficiency, disaster resilience, and reliability to ensure business continuity.

24/7 Network Monitoring/Remote Management

While your staff can connect from anywhere, we will take care of real-time network monitoring and remote management to ensure availability, improved performance, and reliability through enhanced security solutions.

Engineering and Installation of Servers & Applications

Verticomm’s professional engineering team of experts will ensure that you achieve total migration on to our Total Cloud solution without any disruption to your daily business operations. We will also support these efforts with industry certified technicians as needed.

Professional Services Engineering Team

When you sign up for our Total Cloud IT Solutions, we will formulate a personalized solution by putting together a dedicated team of highly experienced technology professionals to support internal IT teams from end-to-end.

Client Experience Team

When you partner with Verticomm, you will work with the same dedicated team of engineers and specialists throughout the lifecycle of your contract. This means that there will be continuity, shared knowledge, and familiarity whenever you’re engaging with one of Verticomm’s certified engineers and cloud computing specialists.

Client Experience Team:

  • 4 Help Desk Support Engineers
  • 1 System Engineer
  • 1 Account Manager
  • 1 Business Technology Consultant

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery in cloud computing takes a different approach as it's all based on virtualization. This means that when you're on Verticomm's Total Cloud, the entire virtual server will be proactively copied or backed up to our highly secure offsite data center that can be brought online quickly to ensure business continuity.

Security Solutions

When you partner with Verticomm, your business will benefit from greater levels of control and security on our highly advanced platform and servers. Furthermore, your virtual environment will be hosted in our Tire 3 Gold data service center, one of the top three state-of-the-art data centers in North America.

Our cloud servers utilize AES 256-bit encryption and are supported by enterprise-grade, high availability firewalls. This means that your company will be able to leverage enhanced email security, network security, threat management, data encryption, and much more.

How Can Total Cloud Benefit Your Business

With Verticomm Total Cloud, Businesses of all sizes can now benefit from our all-inclusive, enterprise-level Total Cloud IT solutions offering. Your organization can access custom-tailored services that align with your specific business needs.

When you leverage Verticomm’s best-in-class cloud IT solutions, you will get access to the latest technology, maximize resources, improve network reliability, lower IT operating costs, mitigate risk, and benefit from greater security solutions for your systems and data.

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