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Verticomm Master Services Agreement

The following terms and conditions governs the relationship between All Copy Products, Inc. d/b/a Verticomm (“us,”, “our,” “we", or “Verticomm”) and you, and limits our liability for any services or products that we provide to you.  Please read these terms carefully and keep a copy for your records.


a) Scope.  This master services agreement (this “Agreement”) governs all services that we perform for you, as well as any licenses,           services, or products that we sell or re-sell to you (collectively, the “Services”).
b) Quotes.  The Services are not described in this Agreement; instead, from time to time you will be provided with a quote, proposal,         service order, or similar electronic document (“Quote”) proposing the Services that we can provide to you.  The Quote may have         one or more statements of work (each a “SOW”) attached to it that further describe, summarize, and/or define the scope of the         Services.  By accepting the Quote, you agree to the terms of each SOW and the terms of this Agreement.  If you do not agree to the         terms of the SOW and this Agreement, then you should not accept the Quote.  From this point forward in this Agreement, Quotes         and SOWs will be collectively referred to as “SOW.”
c) Conflict.  If there is a material difference between the language in a SOW and the language in this Agreement, then the language         of the SOW will control, except in situations involving warranties, limitations of liability, or termination of this Master Services         Agreement.  Under those limited circumstances, the terms of this Agreement will control unless the SOW expressly states that it         is overriding the conflicting provisions of this Agreement.


a) Environment.  For the purposes of this Agreement, “Environment” means, collectively, any computer network (cloud-based or         otherwise), computer system, peripheral or device (virtual or physical) installed, maintained, monitored, or operated by us         pursuant to a SOW. To avoid a delay or negative impact on our provision of the Services, during the term of each SOW you agree         to refrain from modifying or moving the Environment or installing software in the Environment, unless we expressly authorize         such activity. In situations where we are co-managing an Environment (such as situations in which we are supporting your         internal IT department), we will not be responsible for changes to the Environment or issues that arises from those changes that         are not authorized by us.
b) Requirements.  Everything in the Environment must be genuine and licensed—including all hardware, software, etc.  If we ask for         proof of authenticity and/or licensing, you must provide us with such proof.  If we require you to implement certain minimum         hardware or software requirements in a SOW (“Minimum Requirements”), you agree to do so as an ongoing requirement of us         providing the Services to you.  
c) Updates.  Patches and updates to hardware and software (“Updates”) are created and distributed by third parties—such as         equipment or software manufacturers—and may be supplied to us from time to time for installation into the Environment. If         Updates are provided to you under a SOW, we will implement and follow the manufacturers’ recommendations for the         installation of Updates; however, (i) we do not warrant or guarantee that any Update will perform properly, (ii) we will not be         responsible for any downtime or losses arising from or related to the installation, use, or inability to use any Update, and (iii) we         reserve the right, but not the obligations, to refrain from installing an Update until we have determined, in our sole discretion,         that the Updates will be compatible with the configuration of the Environment and materially beneficial to the features or         functionality of the affected software or hardware.  
d) Third Party Support.  If, in our discretion, a hardware or software issue requires vendor or OEM support, we may contact the         vendor or OEM (as applicable) on your behalf and invoice you for all fees and costs involved in that process.  If the fees or costs         are anticipated in advance or exceed $300, we will obtain your permission before incurring such expenses on your behalf unless         exigent circumstances require us to act otherwise.
e) Advice; Instructions.  From time to time, we may provide you with specific advice and directions related to the Services         (“Advice”).  For example, our Advice may include increasing server or hard drive capacity, increasing CPU power, replacing         obsolete equipment, or refraining from engaging in acts that disrupt the Environment or that make the Environment less secure.         You are strongly advised to promptly follow our advice which, depending on the situation, may require you to make additional         purchases or investments in the Environment at your sole cost. We are not responsible for any problems or issues (such as         downtime or security-related issues) caused by your failure to promptly follow our Advice. If, in our sole discretion, your failure to         follow our Advice renders part or all of the Services economically or technically unreasonable to provide, then we may terminate         the applicable SOW for cause by providing notice of termination to you. Unless specifically and expressly stated in a SOW, any         services required to remediate issues caused by your failure to follow our Advice, or your unauthorized modification of the         Environment, as well as any services required to bring the Environment up to or maintain the Minimum Requirements, are         out-of-scope and not covered under any SOW.
f) Prioritization.  All Services will be performed on a schedule, and in a prioritized manner, as we deem reasonable and necessary.          Exact commencement / start dates may vary or deviate from the dates stated in a SOW depending on the Service being provided         and the extent to which prerequisites (if any), such as transition or onboarding activities, must be completed.  
g) Authorized Contact(s).  We will be entitled to rely on any directions or consent provided by your personnel or representatives who         are authorized in a SOW to provide such directions or consent (“Authorized Contacts”).  If no Authorized Contact is identified in         an applicable SOW or if a previously identified Authorized Contact is no longer available to us, then your Authorized Contact will         be the person (i) who accepted the Quote, and/or (ii) who is generally designated by you during the course of our relationship to         provide us with direction or guidance.  We will be entitled to rely upon directions and guidance from your Authorized Contact         until we are affirmatively made aware of a change of status of the Authorized Contact.  To initiate a change in the Authorized         Contact send an email to support@verticomm.com.  The change will be implemented within two (2) business days after the first         business day on which we receive your change notice.  Do not leave a recorded message for us informing us of a change to your         Authorized Contact. We reserve the right to delay the Services until we can confirm the Authorized Contact’s authority within your         organization.  
h) Insurance.  If you are supplied with Verticomm Equipment (defined below), you agree to acquire and maintain, at your sole cost,         insurance for the full replacement value of that equipment.  Verticomm must be listed as an additional insured / loss payee on         any policy acquired and maintained by you under this Agreement, and the policy will not be canceled or modified during the term         of the applicable SOW without prior notification to Verticomm.  Upon our request, you agree to provide proof of insurance to us,         including proof of payment of any applicable premiums or other amounts due under the insurance policy.


a) Fees.  You agree to pay the fees, costs, and expenses described in each SOW.   You are responsible for sales tax and any other         taxes or governmental fees associated with the Services. If you qualify for a tax exemption, you must provide us with a valid         certificate of exemption or other acceptable proof of exemption. You are also responsible for all freight, insurance, and taxes         (including but not limited to import or export duties, sales, use, value add, and excise taxes).
b) Out of Scope Work.  Any work completed that falls outside the Scope of the SOW will be billed at the applicable hourly fee of         $150.00 per hour during normal business hours $225.00 for work completed outside normal business hours (“Afterhours”).  Out         of scope work completed onsite has a 2-hour minimum charge of the appropriate fee(s).  
c) Schedule.   All undisputed fees will be due and payable in advance of the provision of the Services.  If applicable, recurring         payments made by ACH will be deducted from your designated bank account on the first business day of the month in which the         Services are to be provided, and, if applicable, your designated credit card will be charged on the first business day of the month         in which the Services are to be provided.  
d) Nonpayment.  Fees that remain unpaid for more than thirty (30) days after the date on the invoice will be subject to interest on         the unpaid amount(s) until and including the date payment is received, at the lower of either 1.5% per month or the maximum         allowable rate of interest permitted by applicable law.  We reserve the right, but not the obligation, to suspend part or all of the         Services without prior notice to you in the event that any portion of undisputed fees are not timely received by us, and monthly or         recurring charges shall continue to accrue during any period of suspension.   Notice of disputes related to fees must be received         by us within thirty (30) days after the applicable Service is rendered or the date on which you pay an invoice, whichever is later;         otherwise, you waive your right to dispute the fee thereafter.  A re-connect fee of up to five percent (5%) may be charged to you if         we suspend the Services due to your nonpayment.  Time is of the essence in the performance of all payment obligations by you.
e) ACH.  Generally, all prices quoted in a SOW anticipate automatic monthly recurring payment by you.  Payments by any other          methods may result in increased fees or costs.


You hereby grant to Verticomm and its designated third party vendors the right to monitor, diagnose, manipulate, communicate with, retrieve information from, and otherwise access the Environment as necessary to enable us or our vendors, as applicable, to provide the Services.  Depending on the Service, we may be required to install one or more software agents into the Environment through which such access may be enabled. It is your responsibility to secure, at your own cost and prior to the commencement of any Services, any necessary rights of entry, licenses (including software licenses), permits or other permissions necessary for Verticomm or its vendors to provide Services to the Environment and, if applicable, at your designated premises, both physically and virtually.  Proper and safe environmental conditions must be provided and assured by you at all times. Verticomm shall not be required to engage in any activity or provide any Services under conditions that pose or may pose a safety or health concern to any personnel, or that would require extraordinary or non-industry standard efforts to achieve.


a) Hardware / Software Purchased Through Verticomm.  All hardware, software, peripherals or accessories purchased through         Verticomm (“Third Party Products”) are nonrefundable once the product is obtained from Verticomm’s third party provider or         reseller.  If you require a refund, then the third party provider’s or reseller’s return policies shall apply.  We do not guarantee that         purchased Third Party Products will be returnable, exchangeable, or that re-stocking fees can or will be avoided.  You will be         responsible for the payment of all re-stocking or return-related fees charged by the third party provider or reseller. We will use         reasonable efforts to assign, transfer and facilitate all warranties (if any) and service level commitments (if any) for the Third         Party Products to you, but will have no liability whatsoever for the quality, functionality or operability of any Third Party Products,         and we will not be held liable as an insurer or guarantor of the performance, uptime or usefulness of any Third Party Products.  All         Third Party Products are provided “as is” and without any warranty whatsoever as between Verticomm and you (including but not         limited to implied warranties).  
b) Liability Limitations.   This paragraph limits the liabilities arising under this Agreement or any SOW and is a bargained-for and         material part of our business relationship with you.  You acknowledge and agree that Verticomm would not enter into any SOW or         this Agreement unless Verticomm could rely on the limitations described in this paragraph. In no event shall either party be         liable for any indirect, special, exemplary, consequential, or punitive damages, such as lost revenue, loss of profits (except for         fees due and owing to Verticomm), savings, or other indirect or contingent event-based economic loss arising out of or in         connection with this Agreement, any SOW, or the Services, or for any loss or interruption of data, technology or services, or for any         breach hereof or for any damages caused by any delay in furnishing Services under this Agreement or any SOW, even if a party         has been advised of the possibility of such damages; however, reasonable attorneys’ fees awarded to a prevailing party (as         described below), your indemnification obligations, and any amounts due and payable pursuant to the non-solicitation provision         of this Agreement shall not be limited by the foregoing limitation.  Except for the foregoing exceptions, a responsible party’s         (“Responsible Party’s”) aggregate liability to the other party (“Aggrieved Party”) for damages from any and all claims or causes         whatsoever, and regardless of the form of any such action(s), that arise from or relate to this Agreement (collectively, “Claims”),         whether in contract, tort, indemnification, or negligence, shall be limited solely to the amount of the Aggrieved Party’s actual and         direct damages, not to exceed the amount of fees paid by you (excluding hard costs for licenses, hardware, etc.) to Verticomm for         the specific Service upon which the applicable claim(s) is/are based during the three (3) month period immediately prior to the         date on which the cause of action accrued.  The foregoing limitations shall not apply to the extent that the Claims are caused by         a Responsible Party’s willful or intentional misconduct, or gross negligence.  Similarly, a Responsible Party’s liability obligation         shall be reduced to the extent that a Claim is caused by, or the result of, the Aggrieved Party’s willful or intentional misconduct,         or gross negligence.


Each party (an “Indemnifying Party”) agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the other party (an “Indemnified Party”) harmless from and against any and all losses, damages, costs, expenses or liabilities, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, (collectively, “Damages”) that arise from, or are related to, the Indemnifying Party’s breach of this Agreement.  The Indemnified Party will have the right, but not the obligation, to control the intake, defense and disposition of any claim or cause of action for which indemnity may be sought under this section.  The Indemnifying Party shall be permitted to have counsel of its choosing participate in the defense of the applicable claim(s); however, (i) such counsel shall be retained at the Indemnifying Party’s sole cost, and (ii) the Indemnified Party’s counsel shall be the ultimate determiner of the strategy and defense of the claim(s) for which indemnity is provided.  No claim for which indemnity is sought by an Indemnified Party will be settled without the Indemnifying Party’s prior written consent, which shall not be unreasonably delayed or withheld.


a) Term.  This Agreement begins on the earliest date on which you accept a Quote and continues until terminated as described in         this Agreement.  Each SOW will have its own term and will be terminated only as provided herein, unless otherwise expressly         stated in the applicable SOW.  The termination of one SOW shall not, by itself, cause the termination of (or otherwise impact) this         Agreement or the status or progress of any other SOW between the parties. Termination must be provided in writing by certified         mail or overnight courier.
b) Termination without Cause.  Unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing or otherwise permitted under this Agreement, no         party will terminate this Agreement without cause if, on the date of termination, a SOW is in progress.  In addition, no party will         terminate a SOW without cause prior to the SOW’s natural expiration date.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Verticomm decides         to cease providing a service to all of its customers generally, then Verticomm may terminate an applicable SOW (or the         applicable portion of the SOW) without cause by providing no less than one hundred and twenty (120) days prior written notice to         you.  If you terminate a SOW without cause and without Verticomm’s consent, then you will be responsible for paying the         termination fee described in the “Termination for Cause” section, below.
c) Termination for Cause.  In the event that one party (a “Defaulting Party”) commits a material breach under a SOW or under this         Agreement, the non-Defaulting Party will have the right, but not the obligation, to terminate immediately this Agreement or the         relevant SOW (a “For Cause” termination) provided that (i) the non-Defaulting Party has notified the Defaulting Party of the         specific details of the breach in writing, and (ii) the Defaulting Party has not cured the default within thirty (30) days (ten (10)         days for non-payment by Client) following receipt of written notice of breach from the non-Defaulting Party.  If Verticomm         terminates this Agreement or any SOW For Cause, or if you terminate any SOW without cause prior to such SOW’s expiration date,         then Verticomm shall be entitled to receive, and you hereby agree to pay to us, all amounts that would have been paid to         Verticomm had this Agreement or SOW (as applicable) remained in full effect, calculated using the fees and costs in effect as of         the date of termination (“Termination Fee”).  If you terminate this Agreement or a SOW For Cause, then you will be responsible for         paying only for those Services that were delivered properly and accepted by you up to the effective date of termination.
d) Client Activity as a Basis for Termination.  In the event that you or any of your staff, personnel, contractors, or representatives         engages in any unacceptable act or behavior that renders it impracticable, imprudent, or unreasonable to provide the Services to         you, then in addition to Verticomm’s other rights under this Agreement, Verticomm will have the right upon providing you with         ten (10) days prior written notice, to terminate this Agreement or the applicable SOW For Cause or, at our sole discretion and if         applicable, amend the applicable SOW to eliminate from coverage any System Malfunction or any equipment or software         causing the System Malfunction.
e) Consent.  You and we may mutually consent, in writing, to terminate a SOW or this Agreement at any time.
f) Equipment / Software Removal.  Upon termination of this Agreement or applicable SOW for any reason, you will provide us with         access, during normal business hours, to your premises or any other locations at which Verticomm-owned equipment or         software (collectively, “Verticomm Equipment”) is located to enable us to remove all Verticomm Equipment from the premises.  If         you fail or refuse to grant Verticomm access as described herein, or if any of the Verticomm Equipment is missing, broken or         damaged (normal wear and tear excepted) or any of Verticomm-supplied software is missing, we will have the right to invoice         you for, and you hereby agree to pay immediately, the full replacement value of any and all missing or damaged items. Certain         services may require the installation of software agents in the Environment (“Software Agents”).  You agree not to remove,         disable, circumvent, or otherwise disrupt any Software Agents unless we explicitly direct you to do so.
g) Transition; Deletion of Data.  In the event that you request Verticomm’s assistance to transition away from our services, we will         provide such assistance if (i) all fees due and owing to us are paid to us in full prior to Verticomm providing its assistance to you,         and (ii) you agree to pay our then-current hourly rate for such assistance, with up-front amounts to be paid to us as we may         require. For the purposes of clarity, it is understood and agreed that the retrieval and provision of passwords, log files,         administrative server information, or conversion of data are transition services, and are subject to the preceding requirements.         Unless otherwise expressly stated in a SOW, we will have no obligation to store or maintain any Client data in our possession or         control beyond fifteen (15) calendar days following the termination of this Agreement.  We will be held harmless for, and         indemnified by you against, any and all claims, costs, fees, or expenses incurred by either party that arise from, or are related to,         our deletion of your data beyond the time frames described in this section.


a) Response.  We respond to any notification received by us of any error, outage, alarm or alert pertaining to the Environment, in         accordance with priority table(s) in the applicable SOW.  In no event will we be responsible for delays in our response or our         provision of Services during (i) those periods of time covered under the Transition Exception (defined below), or (ii) periods of         delay caused by Client-Side Downtime (defined below), Vendor-Side Downtime (defined below) or (iii) periods in which we are         required to suspend the Services to protect the security or integrity of the Environment or our equipment or network, or (iv)         delays caused by a force majeure event.
                             i) Scheduled Downtime.  For the purposes of this Agreement, Scheduled Downtime will mean those hours, as                                         determined by us but which will not occur between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM Mountain Time, Monday                                         through Friday without your authorization or unless exigent circumstances exist, during which time we will                                         perform scheduled maintenance or adjustments to the Environment.  We will use our best efforts to provide you                                         with at least twenty-four (24) hours of notice prior to scheduling Scheduled Downtime.
                             ii) Client-Side Downtime.  We will not be responsible under any circumstances for any delays or deficiencies in the                                         provision of, or access to, the Services to the extent that such delays or deficiencies are caused by your actions                                         or omissions (“Client-Side Downtime”).
                             iii) Vendor-Side Downtime.  We will not be responsible under any circumstances for any delays or deficiencies in the                                         provision of, or access to, the Services to the extent that such delays or deficiencies are caused by third party                                         service providers, third party licensors, or “upstream” service or product vendors.
                             iv)      Transition Exception.  You acknowledge and agree that for the first forty-five (45) days following the                                         commencement date of a SOW, as well as any period of time during which we are performing                                         off-boarding-related services (e.g., assisting you in the transition of the Services to another provider,                                         terminating a service, etc.), the response time commitments described in this Agreement or any applicable SOW                                         will not apply to us, it being understood that there may be unanticipated downtime or delays related to those                                         activities (the “Transition Exception”).


a) Defined.  For the purposes of this Agreement, Confidential Information means any and all non-public information provided by one         party (a “Discloser”) to the other party (a “Recipient”), including but not limited to customer-related data, customer lists,         internal documents, internal communications, proprietary reports and methodologies, and related information.  Confidential         Information will not include information that: (i) has become part of the public domain through no act or omission of the         Recipient, (ii) was developed independently by the Recipient, or (iii) is or was lawfully and independently provided to the         Recipient prior to disclosure by the Discloser, from a third party who is not and was not subject to an obligation of confidentiality         or otherwise prohibited from transmitting such information.
b) Use.  The Recipient will keep the Confidential Information it receives fully confidential and will not use or disclose such         information to any third party for any purpose except (i) as expressly authorized by the Discloser in writing, or (ii) as needed to         fulfill its obligations under this Agreement, or (iii) as required by any law, rule, or industry-related regulation.
c) Due Care.  The Recipient will exercise the same degree of care with respect to the Confidential Information it receives from the         Discloser as it normally takes to safeguard and preserve its own confidential and proprietary information, which in all cases will         be at least a commercially reasonable level of care.
d) Compelled Disclosure.  If a Recipient is legally compelled (whether by deposition, interrogatory, request for documents,         subpoena, civil investigation, demand or similar process) to disclose any of the Confidential Information, and provided that it is         not prohibited by law from doing so, the Recipient will immediately notify the Discloser in writing of such requirement so that         the Recipient may seek a protective order or other appropriate remedy and/or waive the Discloser’s compliance with the         provisions of this Section.  The Recipient will use its best efforts, as directed by the Discloser and at the Discloser’s expense, to         obtain or assist the Recipient in obtaining any such protective order.  Failing the entry of a protective order or the receipt of a         waiver hereunder, the Recipient may disclose, without liability hereunder, that portion (and only that portion) of the Confidential         Information that the Recipient has been advised, by written opinion from its counsel (which shall be shared with the Discloser),         that the Recipient is legally compelled to disclose.
e) Additional NDA.  In our provision of the Services, you and we may be required to enter into one or more additional nondisclosure         agreements (each an “NDA”) for the protection of a third party’s Confidential Information (such as, for example, a business         associate agreement).  In that event, the terms of the NDA will be read in conjunction with the terms of the confidentiality         provisions of this Agreement, and the terms that protect confidentiality most stringently shall govern the use and destruction of         the relevant Confidential Information.


a) EULAs.  Portions of the Services may require you to accept the terms of one or more third party end user license agreements         (“EULAs”).  If the acceptance of a EULA is required in order to provide the Services to you, then you hereby grant us permission,         and direct and authorize us to accept the EULA on your behalf.  EULAs may contain service levels, warranties and/or liability         limitations that are different than those contained in this Agreement.  You agree to be bound by the terms of such EULAs and will         look only to the applicable third party provider for the enforcement of the terms of such EULAs. If, while providing the Services, we         are required to comply with a third-party EULA and the third party EULA is modified or amended, we reserve the right to modify or         amend any applicable SOW with you to ensure our continued compliance with the terms of the third party EULA.  
b) Third Party Services.  Portions of the Services may be acquired from, or rely upon the services of, third party manufacturers or         providers, such as data hosting services, help desk services, domain registration services, and data backup/recovery services         (“Third Party Service”).  Not all Third Party Services may be expressly identified as such in a SOW, and at all times we reserve the         right to utilize the services of any third party provider or to change third party providers in our sole discretion as long as the         change does not materially diminish the Services to be provided to you under a SOW.  We will not be responsible, and will be held         harmless by you, for the failure of any third-party provider or manufacturer to provide Third Party Services to Verticomm or to         you.  
c) Data Loss. Under no circumstances will we be responsible for any data lost, corrupted or rendered unreadable due to (i)         communication and/or transmissions errors or related failures, (ii) equipment failures (including but not limited to silent         hardware corruption-related issues), or (iii) our failure to backup or secure data from portions of the Environment that were not         expressly designated in the applicable SOW as requiring backup or recovery services.  Unless expressly stated in a SOW, we do         not warrant or guarantee that any maintained storage device or functionality, data backup device or functionality, or load         balancing functionality will operate in an error-free manner.
d) Bring Your Own Device.  You hereby represent and warrant that we are authorized to access all devices, peripherals and/or         computer processing units, including mobile devices (such as notebook computers, smart phones and tablet computers) that         are connected to the Environment (collectively, “Devices”), regardless of whether such Devices are owned, leased or otherwise         controlled by you. Unless otherwise stated in a SOW, Devices will not receive or benefit from the Services while the devices are         detached from, or unconnected to, the Environment.  Client is strongly advised to refrain from connecting Devices to the         Environment where such devices are not previously known to us and are not expressly covered under a managed service plan         from us (“Unknown Devices”).  We will not be responsible for the diagnosis or remediation of any issues in the Environment         caused by the connection or use of Unknown Devices in the Environment, and we will not be obligated to provide the Services to         any Unknown Devices.  
e) Equipment.  Unless otherwise noted in a SOW or Quote, all Verticomm Equipment is licensed to you, and is neither owned by you         nor leased to you. Upon the expiration of an applicable SOW, your license to use the Verticomm Equipment shall immediately         terminate, and thereafter all Verticomm Equipment must be returned to us immediately at your expense.  All configurations on         the Verticomm Equipment are our proprietary information and will not be circumvented, modified, or removed by you without our         prior written consent.


Each party is, and will remain, the owner and/or licensor of all works of authorship, patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property owned by such party (“Intellectual Property”), and nothing in this Agreement or any SOW shall be deemed to convey or grant any ownership rights or goodwill in one party’s Intellectual Property to the other party.  For the purposes of clarity, you understand and agree that we own any software, codes, algorithms, or other works of authorship that we create while providing the Services to you. If we provide licenses to you for third party software under a SOW, then you understand and agree that such software is licensed, and not sold, to you.  You are allowed to use such third party software subject to the terms and conditions (i) of this Agreement, (ii) of the applicable SOW, and (iii) any applicable EULA; no other uses of such third party software are permitted.  To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, we make no warranty or representation, either expressed or implied with respect to third party software or its quality, performance, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.


a) Security Compliance.  Unless otherwise expressly stated in a SOW, the Services are not intended, and will not be used, to bring         Client into full regulatory compliance with any rule, regulation, or requirement that may be applicable to Client’s business or         operations.  Depending on the Services provided, the Services may aid Client’s efforts to fulfill regulatory compliance; however,         the Services are not (and should not be used as) a compliance solution.
b) Personally Identifiable Information.  You warrant and rep
c) Disclosure.  You warrant and represent that there is no law or regulation governing your business that would impede or restrict         our provision of the Services, or that would require us to register with, or report our provision of the Services (or the results         thereof), to any government or regulatory authority.  You agree to promptly notify us if you become subject to any of the foregoing         which, in our discretion, may require a modification to the scope or pricing of the Services.
d) Security.  You understand and agree that no security solution is one hundred percent effective, and any security paradigm may         be circumvented and/or rendered ineffective by certain malware, such as certain ransomware or rootkits that were unknown to         the malware prevention industry at the time of infection, and/or which are downloaded or installed into the Environment.  We do         not warrant or guarantee that all malware or malicious activity will be capable of being detected, avoided, quarantined or         removed, or that any data deleted, corrupted, or encrypted by such malware (“Impacted Data”) will be recoverable. Unless         otherwise expressly stated in a SOW, the recovery of Impacted Data is not included in the scope of a SOW. You are strongly         advised to (i) educate your employees to properly identify and react to “phishing” activity (i.e., fraudulent attempts to obtain         sensitive information or encourage behavior by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity  or person through email), and (ii)         obtain insurance against cyberattacks, data loss, malware-related matters, and privacy-related breaches, as such incidents can         occur even under a “best practice” scenario.  Unless a malware-related incident is caused by our intentionally malicious         behavior or our gross negligence, we are held harmless from any costs, expenses, or damages arising from or related to such         incidents.
e) Non-Solicitation.  Each party (a “Restricted Party”) acknowledges and agrees that during the term of this Agreement and for a         period of one (1) year following the termination of this Agreement, the Restricted Party will not, individually or in conjunction with         others, directly or indirectly solicit, induce or influence any of the other party’s employees with whom the Restricted Party worked         to discontinue or reduce the scope of their business relationship with the other party, or recruit, solicit or otherwise influence         any employee of the other party with whom the Restricted Party worked to discontinue his/her employment or agency         relationship with the other party. In the event of a violation of the terms of the restrictive covenants in this section, the parties         acknowledge and agree that the damages to the other party would be difficult or impracticable to determine, and in such event,         the Restricted Party will pay the other party as liquidated damages and not as a penalty an amount equal to one hundred         thousand dollars ($100,000) or the amount that the other party paid to that employee in the one (1) year period immediately         preceding the date on which the Restricted Party violated the foregoing restriction, whichever is greater. In addition to and         without limitation of the foregoing, any solicitation or attempted solicitation for employment directed to a party’s employees by         the Restricted Party will be deemed to be a material breach of this Agreement, in which event the affected party shall have the         right, but not the obligation, to terminate this Agreement or any then-current SOW immediately For Cause.
f) Collections.  If we are required to send your account to Collections or to start any Collections-related action to recover undisputed         fees, we will be entitled to recover all costs and fees we incur in the Collections process including but not limited to reasonable         attorneys’ fees and costs.
g) Assignment.  Neither this Agreement nor any SOW may be assigned or transferred by a party without the prior written consent of         the other party.  This Agreement will be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto, their legal representatives,         and permitted successors and assigns. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may assign (i) to a third party lease administrator or         servicing agency any leasing (or similar) agreement that we enter into with you, and/or (ii) our rights and obligations under this         Agreement or any SOW to a successor in ownership in connection with any merger, consolidation, or sale of substantially all of         the assets of our business or any other transaction in which ownership of more than fifty percent (50%) of our voting securities         are transferred; provided, however, that such assignee expressly assumes our obligations hereunder.
h) Notices; Writing Requirement.  Where notice is required to be provided to a party under this Agreement, such notice may be sent         by U.S. mail, overnight courier, fax or email as follows: notice will be deemed delivered three (3) business days after being         deposited in the United States Mail, first class mail, certified or return receipt requested, postage prepaid, or one (1) day following         delivery when sent by FedEx or other overnight courier, or one (1) day after notice is delivered by fax or email.  Notice sent by email         will be sufficient only if (i) the sender emails the notice to the last known email address of the recipient, and (ii) the sender         includes itself in the “cc” portion of the email and preserves the email until such time that it is acknowledged by the recipient.          Notwithstanding the foregoing, any notice from you to Verticomm regarding (a) any alleged breach of this Agreement by         Verticomm, or (b) any request for indemnification, or (c) any notice of termination of this Agreement or any SOW, must be         delivered to Verticomm either by Certified  U.S. mail or Overnight Courier unless that requirement is expressly and specifically         waived by Verticomm. In all cases, notices delivered to Verticomm must be sent to the Verticomm office from which the Services         are primarily provided; notices sent to ancillary offices or non-primary offices will not be sufficient “notice” under this         Agreement.  
i) Amendment.  Unless otherwise expressly permitted under this Agreement, no amendment or modification of this Agreement or         any SOW will be valid or binding upon the parties unless such amendment or modification is originated in writing by Verticomm,         specifically refers to this Agreement or the SOW being amended, and is accepted in writing (email or electronic signature is         acceptable) by you.
j) Time Limitations.  The parties mutually agree that, unless otherwise prohibited by law, any action for any matter arising out of         this Agreement or any SOW (except for issues of nonpayment by Client) must be commenced within six (6) months after the         cause of action accrues or the action is forever barred.
k) Severability.  If any provision hereof or any SOW is declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, such provision will be         ineffective only to the extent of such invalidity, illegibility or unenforceability so that the remainder of that provision and all         remaining provisions of this Agreement or any SOW will be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by applicable         law.  
l) Other Terms.  We will not be bound by any terms or conditions printed on any purchase order, invoice, memorandum, or other         written communication supplied by you unless such terms or conditions are incorporated into a duly executed SOW, or unless         we have expressly acknowledged the other terms and, thereafter, expressly and specifically accepted such other terms in writing.
m) No Waiver.  The failure of either party to enforce or insist upon compliance with any of the terms and conditions of this         Agreement, the temporary or recurring waiver of any term or condition of this Agreement, or the granting of an extension of the         time for performance, will not constitute an Agreement to waive such terms with respect to any other occurrences.
n) Merger.  This Agreement, together with any and all Quotes and SOWs, sets forth the entire understanding of the parties and         supersedes any and all prior agreements, arrangements or understandings related to the Services; however, any payment         obligations that you have or may have incurred under any prior superseded agreement are not nullified by this Agreement and         remain in full force and effect.  No representation, promise, inducement or statement of intention has been made by either party         which is not embodied herein.  We will not be bound by any of our agents’ or employees’ representations, promises or         inducements if they are not explicitly set forth in this Agreement or any Quote or SOW.  Any document that is not expressly and         specifically incorporated into this Agreement or SOW will act only to provide illustrations or descriptions of Services to be         provided and will not modify this Agreement or provide binding contractual language between the parties.  The foregoing         sentence shall not apply to any business associate agreement required under HIPAA, which the parties may (if required) enter         into after the Effective Date of this Agreement.
o) Force Majeure.  Neither party will be liable to the other party for delays or failures to perform its obligations under this Agreement         or any SOW because of circumstances beyond such party’s reasonable control.  Such circumstances include, but will not be         limited to, any intentional or negligent act committed by the other party, or any acts or omissions of any governmental authority,         natural disaster, act of a public enemy, acts of terrorism, riot, sabotage, disputes or differences with workmen, power failure,         communications delays/outages, delays in transportation or deliveries of supplies or materials, cyberwarfare, cyberterrorism, or         hacking, malware or virus-related incidents that circumvent then-current anti-virus or anti-malware software, and acts of God.
p) Survival.  The provisions contained in this Agreement that by their context are intended to survive termination or expiration of         this Agreement will survive.  If any provision in this Agreement is deemed unenforceable by operation of law, then that provision         shall be excised from this Agreement and the balance of this Agreement shall be enforced in full.
q) Insurance. Verticomm and you will each maintain, at each party’s own expense, all insurance reasonably required in connection         with this Agreement or any SOW, including but not limited to, workers compensation and general liability.  We agree to maintain         a general liability policy with a limit not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.  All of the insurance policies described herein will         not be canceled, materially changed or renewal refused until at least thirty (30) calendar days written notice has been given to         the other party by certified US Mail or Overnight Courier.
r) Governing Law; Venue.  This Agreement and any SOW will be governed by, and construed according to, the laws of the state of         Colorado.  You hereby irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of Denver County, Colorado, for any and all         claims and causes of action arising from or related to this Agreement.
s) No Third Party Beneficiaries.  The Parties have entered into this Agreement solely for their own benefit.  They intend no third party         to be able to rely upon or enforce this Agreement or any part of this Agreement.
t) Usage in Trade.  It is understood and agreed that no usage of trade or other regular practice or method of dealing between the         Parties to this Agreement will be used to modify, interpret, or supplement in any manner the terms of this Agreement.
u) Business Day. If a time period set forth in this Agreement expires on a day other than a business day in Denver County, Colorado,         such period will be extended to and through the next succeeding business day in Denver County, Colorado.  
v) Notices; Writing Requirement.  Where notice is required to be provided to a party under this Agreement, such notice may be sent         by U.S. mail, overnight courier, fax or email as follows: notice will be deemed delivered three (3) business days after being         deposited in the United States Mail, first class mail, certified or return receipt requested, postage prepaid, or one (1) day following         delivery when sent by FedEx or other overnight courier, or one (1) day after notice is delivered by fax or email.  Notice sent by email         will be sufficient only if (i) the sender emails the notice to the last known email address of the recipient, and (ii) the sender         includes itself in the “cc” portion of the email and preserves the email until such time that it is acknowledged by the recipient.          Notwithstanding the foregoing, any notice from you to Verticomm regarding (a) any alleged breach of this Agreement by         Verticomm, or (b) any request for indemnification, or (c) any notice of termination of this Agreement or any SOW, must be         delivered to Verticomm either by Certified U.S. mail or Overnight Courier unless such requirement is expressly and specifically         waived by Verticomm.  All electronic documents and communications between the parties, including email, will satisfy any         “writing” requirement under this Agreement.
w) Independent Contractor.  Verticomm is an independent contractor, and is not your employer, employee, partner, or affiliate.  
x) Subcontractors.  Generally, we do not utilize subcontractors to perform onsite services; however, should we elect to subcontract a         portion of those services, we will guarantee the work as if we performed the subcontracted work ourselves.  
y) Data & Service Access. Some of the Services may be provided by persons outside of the United States and/or your data may         occasionally be accessed, viewed, or stored on secure servers located outside of the United States. You agree to notify us if your         company requires us to modify these standard service provisions, in which case additional (and potentially significant) costs         will apply.
z) Counterparts.  The parties intend to sign, accept and/or deliver any Quote, this Agreement, SOW or any amendment in any         number of counterparts, and each of which will be deemed an original and all of which, when taken together, will be deemed to be         one agreement.  Each party may sign, accept, and/or deliver any Quote, this Agreement, any SOW or any amendment         electronically (e.g., by digital signature and/or electronic reproduction of a handwritten signature) or by reference (as applicable).

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