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Verkada Security Video Surveillance Technology

Verticomm’s primary mission is protecting our clients’ businesses through the use of innovative and powerful technology solutions, which is why we have partnered with Verkada to offer our partners the best security system on the market. Verkada surveillance systems are state-of-the-art technology with the power to fortify your business security and boost your overall office efficiency.

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Video Surveillance That Is User and Bandwidth Friendly

Verkada’s cloud-based technology platform enables you to receive the same high-definition imaging and recording that top surveillance systems provide at a fraction of the bandwidth requirement. Operating at a mere 20kbps, these security systems are the perfect solution for organizations with limited bandwidth available.

Designed with the end-user in mind, this security system is made to maximize your security and minimize the amount of time you have to spend on it. Protecting your business from unauthorized users and hackers breaching your network, Verkada security systems automatically check for and install software updates as soon as they are available. In doing so, they eliminate the risk of cybercriminals hacking into your network, while simultaneously eliminating the need for someone to manually update each individual unit – saving you both time and money.

Customizable and Remotely-Accessible Security Systems

Verkada’s centralized security management system, Command, is a powerful and dynamic platform meant to enhance your business’s security capabilities.

One powerful component of Command is the ability to assign customized roles to individuals within your organization. These roles can determine what they are able to do within the surveillance system. These restrictions can include limiting access to specific camera feeds or delegating specific permissions to higher-tiered users. To further enhance accountability and transparency, an audit log is maintained – identifying specific actions performed by individuals and providing their user information and the time they performed said actions.

The experts at Verticomm and Verkada know that modern business professionals are constantly on the move and are not always in their office. From out-of-state conferences to remote business meetings, today’s professionals require the ability to complete all of their tasks from wherever they are located. To help customers achieve this mission, Verkada has made Command accessible from any device that has internet connectivity. Whenever you are away from the office, you can simply log into the platform using a laptop or any smartphone with the iOS or Android app and perform all of the same actions you could do if you were at your office desktop. With the ability to notify you of any irregular activity occurring outside of your specified business hours, these systems can keep your business secure 24/7.

More Than Just Your Standard Security System

When a Verkada security system from Verticomm is installed at your business, you are gaining a tool that can offer you powerful insight into your business operations and further enhance your opportunities to ensure your business continuity.

More than just your standard security system that provides live footage and maintains recording, this smart technology gives you the power to do much more. Able to capture and store high-quality images of people when detected, this system identifies unique features about them and categorizes them accordingly. After cataloguing, you are able to access the recordings and filter the footage down to show you individuals that meet certain specifications. These specifications include but are not limited to – gender traits, colors of clothing, and even an individual’s face. These filters allow you to keep track of who is entering your facility and identify individuals should a security threat or problem arise.

Verkada’s unique system is the only one across its competitors that empower your business with the ability to share live security footage using a digital link. Whether you are sharing live footage with a partner or are providing it to first responders in the event of a security threat, you simply need to provide them with the link via email or text messaging. Imbued with the ability to limit the duration of the link, you can specify a specific time that you would like it to expire, enabling you to only share what you want.

Verkada’s Industry-Leading Security Surveillance

Installing a Verkada surveillance system throughout your business is the perfect addition to enhance your business security. Regardless of whether you are needing to install a few security cameras or require a complex network of cameras across a campus, Verticomm is here to help you find the perfect Verkada system to meet all of your security needs.

In addition to the Verkada security system, your business will also receive the award-winning service of our team of Verticomm technology specialists when you choose to partner with us for your business security needs. Whenever you require assistance or have questions relating to your Verkada system, one of our experts will always be available to help you.

Find Out How a Verkada Security Solution Could Protect Your Business by Contacting One of Our Verticomm Technology Specialist!

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