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How Much Do Cloud Services Cost Your Business?

Even companies who host on-site backups are at risk of losing data, which is a cost very few businesses can afford. This is why so many companies are opting to use cloud services. Being one of the best ways to ensure business continuity, the question most frequently asked is how much can you expect to pay for cloud solutions for your organization. There are many forms of cloud services and discerning which one is best for your business and what the total dollar amount will be depends on a number of factors.

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Amount of Storage Required

Businesses of all sizes utilize cloud services as a safe way to back up their data and keep it secure. The amount of cloud storage that a business requires will play a role in the total costs of the cloud. Company size may affect the cost as larger organizations tend to have more data that needs to be secured, which will require more cloud storage space and will subsequently require more of an investment.

An organization’s industry can also be a factor as different industries often have different levels of data consumption. For example, a nonprofit tends to have a smaller amount of data to back up and secure than a more document/data-intensive industry such Engineering, Legal, or Healthcare.

Degree of Service & Additional Security Services

The level of cloud service and security desired will also affect overall cost. A small business just starting out will probably only need their data backed up to the cloud periodically. This is in contrast to businesses with more federal regulations on them who may require their data to be backed up more frequently and on multiple different clouds to ensure compliance.

Security should also be considered when looking for the right cloud solution for a business. If the business opts to have a multi-cloud system, the cost of security for each system will naturally increase the level of monetary investment, as each will need to have a certain degree of visibility and control for security policy to be met. Additional security services can include software packages designed to further protect data in the cloud from being compromised by unauthorized individuals, be they internal or external. Furthermore, the type of cloud service a business wants will dictate the level of security and cost. Public clouds tend to be less of an investment, but are not as secure as a private or hybrid cloud.

Number of applications and the subsequent memory and CPU required

The amount of memory and computer processing needed will also contribute to overall cost and most of that is based on how many applications are being used and how advanced their requirements are for proper operations on the cloud. A small retail business can usually expect to pay less for cloud services than businesses who use multiple applications for their business, especially those that are more graphics-intensive.

Industries with more graphics-intensive projects can greatly benefit from the Total Cloud GFX provided by Verticomm. This service allows all a company to store larger design files from programs such as CAD and Revit or any Adobe application on a secure cloud server that can be accessed from anywhere. This collaborative solution also provides access to best-in-class graphics and processing power without the need to invest in additional capital as the VDI solution is hosted entirely on the cloud.

Regardless of what cloud needs your organization has, thecloud specialists at Verticomm are ready to help you protect your data.

Find out how Verticomm can help you secure your data by getting a free quote from one of our experts.

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