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Managed IT Services

6 Key Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small- to Mid-Sized Business

Jordan Flowers

Managed IT Services Set Businesses Up for Success

Growing a small- or mid-sized business often involves plenty of compromises. Without access to the resources available to a larger enterprise, small companies must make decisions that help preserve their bottom line while promoting continued growth and overall efficiency. As a result, when it comes to IT services, small businesses often lack the resources that larger companies are able to bring to bear.

This is where Managed IT services come into play. Managed IT services encompass a broad range of outsourced services that small businesses can take advantage of that will reap numerous benefits.

Greater Focus on Core Business

A major benefit of outsourcing your IT services through a managed service provider is the freedom it provides small- and mid-sized companies to concentrate on their core business. In-house management of day-to-day IT needs can prove distracting and have long-term impacts on productivity and business strategy. By outsourcing these functions to a qualified IT service provider, smaller businesses can remain focused on core competencies instead of being bogged down by administrative tasks.

Greater Access to Resources

While larger enterprises are often able to maintain in-house or on-premise support services, that’s typically beyond the remit of most small businesses. Managed IT services gives small- and mid-sized companies access to the same resources and expertise enjoyed at the enterprise level. This access gives smaller businesses the opportunity to remain competitive despite the significantly larger resources that larger businesses often maintain.

Faster Response to New Tech

When it comes to implementing new technology, it can take weeks or even months for a small business to get up to speed. For companies that insist on an in-house approach, much of this time is often spent finding the right talent, training said talent and arranging support for new technology. A trusted Managed IT provider will have the resources already in place to begin new projects and implement ongoing technological advances in the small business environment.

More Room for Dynamic Growth

Small- and mid-sized businesses value the ability to scale their IT needs as they grow. A Managed IT service provider can easily tailor its level of support according to the average small company’s needs and adjust that support based on its growth over time. Managed IT services can also respond to unexpected spikes in IT support during critical periods and even accommodate slower times when only minimal maintenance is necessary.

Reduced Risk

The risk is an inherent part of the business world, but small and mid-size companies are especially vulnerable. Whether it is government regulations, regulatory compliance, or new competition, fast-paced changes can carry a significant amount of risk for smaller organizations. Managed IT service providers not only assume a large portion of that risk but also have the knowledge and expertise to mitigate and avoid risks.

Reduced Labor Costs

Maintaining a full staff of IT professionals can become a sizable burden for the average small business. By outsourcing IT functions to a trusted Managed IT service provider, small companies can enjoy reduced labor costs and save on training costs and fringe benefits.

Managed IT services can help level the playing field for small- and mid-sized businesses by offering plenty of tangible benefits that help drive growth and sustainability. To learn more about Managed IT services and how they can help your organization succeed, contact Verticomm today for a no-risk consultation with one of our IT experts.

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