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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing For Business 2016 and Beyond

Chris Williams

A Brief History

If you do any kind of business these days you have undoubtedly come across conversations, or even had them yourself, about cloud computing and work optimization. For every business owner out there you get a completely unique take on what solution or strategy works best. However, in recent years one of the more common and recurring themes in the business world is how cloud computing is changing how people manage their business.

While the cloud is clearly growing in popularity, there is still a great deal of uncertainty over how it works or what it really does. For example, in 2014, a case study was done with small businesses nationwide to determine how cloud-based solutions were understood among small business owners. It was determined that while 86% of small business owners understood that cloud solutions could serve as a benefit, 70% of them were using different solutions. This data was provided by a Microsoft study submitted to Talkin’ Cloud.

What this information tells us is that people still don’t really understand the benefits of working with a cloud-based solutions provider. But before I go into detail on the benefits of cloud computing, it is important to identify why people have acquired this apprehension to this workplace solution.

When the cloud was originally introduced as a workflow optimization tool, it was a completely different service than it is today. Originally, to work with a cloud solution, small businesses would have to purchase service agreements that had features or added perks that they didn’t need. Consequently, small business owners quickly concluded that these kinds of solutions came with too many bells and whistles and cost typically was not justified in service or value. Fortunately, as software and technology evolved, solutions providers began to see value in working with small businesses and began to design packages aimed at accommodating this portion of the market-place.

Now, in 2016, cloud solutions have become fully customized and scalable to accommodate any and every workflow. Whether you run an international enterprise or simply a local business, cloud-based solutions can seamlessly be integrated into your workflow and optimize your business practices.

So What is the Cloud Exactly?

The cloud in its very essence is being hosted servers in a data center all over the world. It is a robust solution that can integrate with your current computer systems and optimize different facets of your business to improve productivity and functionality. Cloud servers are managed out of secure data centers. These servers are in a centralized location with personnel staffed to ensure stable connectivity and service. Verticomm uses a tier 3 data center for its cloud computing needs offering state-of-the-art technology, top tier security, and data backups.

Since every business is different it is important to determine what about your business you would like to optimize. Regardless if its organizing data, optimizing communication, transferring massive amounts of data, or if you simply want top-rated file security there are a customized cloud-based solutions that is right for you.

When Should I Consider a Cloud-Based Solution?

The most difficult question to answer is “does my business really need this kind of service”? Fortunately, it is easy to figure this one out. Basically, if you are dealing with IT headaches or having to constantly update or upgrade programs and software it could be a great time to consider working with a hosted cloud solutions provider. Also, since tier 3 cloud service offers redundant servers and backups your valuable information remains intact and secure without any downtime, a major benefit of cloud computing.

Cloud-based workflow optimization has evolved around the idea of workplace efficiency. So in summary, if you are dealing with any kind of IT-based struggles that are hindering the productivity and efficiency of your business its time to consider a new solution.

What are the Benefits of Verticomm's Cloud Solutions?

Managed Cloud

Verticomm offers privately managed cloud solutions. This means that your cloud is managed at a centralized location so all IT or software issues are handled promptly, efficiently, and offers no interruption to your business. See our Total Cloud Offering

Top Rated Tech

We use the best servers to ensure the fastest operating speed and efficiency. Redundant servers and data backups to ensure your business is protected. Check out Verticomm’s Private Cloud Platform.

Privacy & Security

Verticomm offers every customer regardless of need or size their own private and secure cloud platform. There is no more secure cloud provider available. With established firewalls and security scans regularly, Verticomm ensures safety in doing business. Your cloud is literally all yours.


Users decide on how much or little of the cloud they work with. The elasticity of this platform allows for total customization with Verticomm.


The Verticomm hosted cloud solution offers file transfers across any platform. Tablets, PCs, mobile phones, etc. Our cloud provides flexibility to transfer and access information on any device, any time.


Cloud hosted solutions are also scalable. What this means is no matter how your business is changing or how fast, our cloud solutions automatically adapt to maintain the efficiency of your business. No matter if you are a 10 person business or 10,000 people strong.


Since Verticomm cloud solutions are written in to agreements, we offer all inclusive cloud services for one low monthly cost per person. You can ensure that you only use what you need and you only pay for what you use. Customize your solution around your needs and pay for nothing more.

Verticomm is dedicated to offering the highest quality hosted cloud services. Our team of experts is focused on ensuring an easy, simple, and productive experience. Don’t let your IT needs bog you down anymore. Cloud optimized solutions are the future of business workflow optimization. Make sure your business has access to the tools it needs to ensure the most productive and efficient workplace.

Contact us today to learn how Cloud Computing could benefit your business.

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