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4 Important Key Components of Network Security for Your Business

Mark Rodholm

Network Security for Your Business

Security breaches are still at high priority levels for many IT professionals around the globe, and this factor is showing up in higher annual budgets devoted to network security. Research firm Gartner forecasts $96.3 billion in global enterprise security spending this year. That’s an 8% boost over the amount spent in 2017.

As emerging threats come into play, and more businesses are operating online, companies are devoting more resources to cost-effective technology solutions for their network security needs. Security breaches are still in the news, and the implementation of GDPR regulations in Europe (and much of the US) is alerting the public to security breaches more than previously known.

1. Network Security

Network security experts help protect your corporate information from hackers and external threats. Dedicated monitoring software can alert you to any threats and help safeguard your network firewall from hacks and network intrusions 24/7/365.

For large enterprises and small business alike, it’s vital to protect the network’s connectivity security. Network security tools must monitor and authorize access to data centers and cloud servers without breaches via employee desktop and mobile applications. Making IT security challenges a top area for networking and data professionals.

The experts at Verticomm can help you manage network-related cyber threats. We can also work with your team to establish measurable network security metrics, like time to detection and time to remediation. We stay on top of industry threat intelligence, to help your organization manage any cyber-security challenges more efficiently.

2. Hardware Infrastructure Needed

In the past decade, businesses have upgraded their hardware equipment every few years, depending on need, affordability and to stay current with technology trends. However, the explosion of digital transformation technologies and the IoT (Internet of Things) movement has sped up that hardware and IT spending.

Global spending on business products and practices for digital transformation, per a new IDC report, is expected to rise in 2018 to $1.1 trillion, a nearly 17% jump over $958 billion in these markets in 2017.

There’s a good reason for upgrading your business equipment. Your business agility and competitiveness will increase with a new line of business hardware (computers, servers, firewalls, switches, peripherals, etc.). Your company will move faster, accomplish more and compete better. Don’t stifle your business innovation with slow hardware. Get up to speed for business competitiveness.

3. Cloud Network Security

More organizations are migrating to cloud servers from traditional servers. There are key benefits to move to the cloud:

  • A company can migrate its network to the cloud with little or no capital expenses
  • Regular data backups on the cloud help lessen risk or security breaches on a network
  • Cloud network servers offer the ease of adding employees in different locations
  • Companies pay only for what cloud services they need

Cloud-based servers also provide for multi-tenant infrastructure. Sharing cloud server resources means you pay just for what your organization needs to use. With cloud servers, business owners can reduce their costs protect their systems and data. Costs of hardware slide away and your network security are maintained by 24/7 offsite network monitoring support and reliability.  Verticomm utilizes a Tier 3 Denver data service center which is the largest data service center in the region, with high levels of risk mitigation measures. When you work with Verticomm for your managed cloud services, you can be assured you are working with the region’s most secure cloud servers.

4. Premise Security

If your company runs data centers, operational premises, or warehouse and storage facilities that need constant security monitoring, then premise security should be on your list of services. Verticomm offers premise-based data security that oversees essential security for your on-site servers and on-site backup solutions. We also can work with you to cover your premise-based data security via a hybrid premise/cloud system.

At Verticomm, your network security is a top priority, because we know how important your date and business continuity is. We have deployed innovative technology solutions in managed services, cloud services, networking and hardware for nearly two decades. With our help, companies can stay focused on their schedules and workloads and continue to grow. Let Verticomm's IT solutions take care of your IT support and network security.

For more information, contact Verticomm to discuss your network security needs.

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