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3 Reason Your Business Should Consider Network Monitoring

Chris Williams

Professional Network Monitoring

Network management is important for the optimization, security, and monitoring of complex IT infrastructures. Modern workers undertake multi-faceted, technology-driven tasks making network security and predictability essential. Consequently, more businesses are investing in outsourcing the management of their networks to IT experts to ensure optimized security and performance.

Network monitoring services can benefit businesses in a number of ways. Working with an outsourced partner safeguards your IT infrastructure’s configuration, ensuring that your system remains clear of potential attacks while simultaneously monitoring all network components to certify that they are functioning effectively. Additionally, network monitoring services offer a variety of customizable features to suit the needs of specific industries and businesses.

The Top 3 Reason Why Your Business Should Consider Network Monitoring

1. Network Security

With technology becoming more and more a part of our daily lives, malware is becoming a larger threat. Hackers are always deriving new ways to target vulnerable businesses and compromise vital information. Hackers have a variety of motivations, from deleting or damaging data to holding vital files and information hostage with ransomware. Whatever the motivation, your businesses private information cannot afford to fall victim to these threats.

In the event of a potential threat, your network monitor will receive an alert from dedicated monitoring software. The alert identifies the possible threat, allowing your IT managed service provider to quickly and efficiently safeguard your system from any potential hacker. Furthermore, since a threat can occur an any time of day, your network monitor can offer around-the-clock support services to ensure network security during off-hours, holidays, and on weekends.

2. Technology Failures

Not all threats originate from hackers. Computer components are vulnerable and can fail on occasion. Most network devices – such as hard drives, servers, and computers – are simply machines subject to a finite lifespan. An unexpected technology failure can affect your connectivity at inopportune times. Then you have to factor in occasional power outages and user errors as other potential threats to network integrity.

An outsourced network monitoring service provider is a terrific way to safeguard yourself from any of the previously described mishaps. Having customized solutions and safeguards in place makes random outages and tech failures a non-issue for business operations.

3. Regulatory Compliance

Network operators are faced with mandatory regulatory requirements. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, Sarbones-Oxley (SOX) Act, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are just a few that require network environments to take specific steps and meet requirements to meet compliance protocols. Network monitoring services are familiar with these standards and expectations. Through constant network monitoring, real-time maps of network topographies, and port association for VLANs these companies have a clear view and understanding of how to keep your business consistently compliant.

All aspects of your IT infrastructure can be effectively looked after through network monitoring. Whether it be security, performance, or regulatory compliance, a network monitoring service can provide your business with the performance and peace of mind to operate at maximum efficiency.

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