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Digitally storing your most important assets securely, while increasing employee efficiency.

Industry Leading Tech with Document Imaging

Intellinetics, Inc. is an industry-leading tech company that specializes in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Doucment Imaging and Document Management for our current digital day and age. The IntelliCloud™ Document Workflow Management suite  enables Small and Midsize Enterprises (SMEs) to easily capture paper or digital documents and connect them to your business workflows. The time you would’ve previously wasted filing, retrieving and organizing documents, you now spend on running your business becoming more cost efficient while increasing accessibility and security.

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Document Management

IntelliCloud Features:

  • Document storage is cloud based hosted on Verticomm’s private cloud
  • With the highest level of security, important documents are kept safe.
  • Pre-built workflows which are designed for industry and department needs
  • When using cloud based document imaging all documents are fully searchable
  • Real time access to critical information when you need it
  • Document Management Frees up valuable office space used to store paper files
  • Eliminate frustration of misplaced documents
  • Have the peace of mind that your documents are secure and backed up

IntelliCloud Benefits

Even better, requiring only a couple of days to set up, Intellinetics seamlessly becomes a meaningful part of any current work processes you’ve already established. Operational costs fall dramatically by reducing wasted time filing and retrieving documents and eliminating lost and misfiled documents. As far as immediate-impact, cloud-based solutions for the workplace are concerned, for document imaging and workflow it doesn’t get better than Intellinetics’ IntelliCloud.

Document Imaging
Document Imaging

document workflow

The IntelliCloud™ Document Workflow Management suite enables Small and Midsize Enterprises (SMEs) to easily capture paper or digital documents and connect them to business processes to reduce costs while increasing accessibility, security and compliance. Look at these key benefits your business can gain by using better document imaging and workflow.

  • One-touch workflow scanning
  • Real time access to critical information
  • Centralized electronic file cabinet
  • Advanced Document Imaging
  • Flexible document retrieval

capture, store and deliver

The IntelliCloud™ Document Imaging & Workflow Management suite Enables all network-scan capable Muktifunction printers to route documents direct to IntelliCloud. Providing powerful Image processing, analysis and data extraction through its advanced document imaging. Because your documents now are stored on a cloud server they are vastly more secure than documents and data stored locally. This happens because your documents are securely routed as encrypted documents to storage.

Document Imaging

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