Getting Your Staff to Use Your Document Management Solution

document management

Changing the way your office handles its documents can significantly boost productivity amongst your employees, leading to cost savings that will positively impact your bottom line. However, people are often resistant to change in their daily lives. When a business implements a new initiative, employees need to be properly informed of its benefits and outcomes to encourage them to embrace this new way of doing things. Here are a few approaches to help get your staff on board with a document management solution.


The first step to increase acceptance is education. Set up information meetings to inform your employees of the value of your document management solution to them. Begin by explaining the benefits of switching to the digital management of your documents. No more piles of paper stacked up on desks! No more bulky filing cabinets overflowing with paper! No more high costs on bulks of paper and closets full of ink cartridges! Educate them on how document management will make their lives easier to help get them to buy in.

Next, walk your employees through the basic steps of how to navigate and operate your system. Providing a tutorial on basic tasks such as scanning and uploading documents will make them more comfortable about their ability to utilize the new system and go a long way to making this change.

Digitizing is simple and undeniably essential to improving office functionality. Once your employees understand the end goal of your document management solution, it will be much easier for them to carry out their new responsibilities.

Check in with your employees

It’s important to see how your employees are handling the system after it’s been implemented. Check in to answer questions and clear up any confusion. Steer them in the right direction if they are a bit off course. This type of follow-up will ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

Utilize customer support

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your provider’s customer support department if things get tough; they are after all document management experts. Utilizing the customer support’s expertise will cut down on employee frustration, especially in the early days after implementation. Utilizing customer support will also help decrease downtime. Many issues are solved quickly through customer support, a much better solution than having employees waste valuable time trying to figure their way through hold-ups.

Once you have everyone on board with your document management solution, it is smooth sailing to a highly productive and more cost-efficient workplace. For more ideas on how to successfully implement a document management solution for your office, contact Verticomm today.