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Wonder how simple it can be to manage your documents in no-Time with Verticomm Powerful Document Solutions

Do you have a lot of paperwork?

unaccounted paperwork occupy unnecessary space and waste paper. They also waste your employees’ time! After all, your employees will have to file and locate the same paperwork multiple times when they could turn their attention to other tasks.
With Verticomm DMaaS, employees will see that they can instantly search and locate files, while reducing the possibility of duplicating the same paperwork. They will work more efficiently and productively as a result.

document Solutions
document solutions

You can never tell which versions of your docs are the latest or correct

Even if your current document framework has the world’s best labels, your employees might not put everything back in the same place.
Nor will they necessarily place paperwork back in the same order, even if they put it under the correct label.
Make NO Mistakes (when it comes to find the latest or definite version of the paperwork you need) by using our service.

Does your desk look like a file storage area?

You want your entire office to look clean so it impresses partners, customers, and even employees. So do we!
Do you want to spend hours looking though your desk for that one form or document you need?
With Document Management Systems you can magically take all those documents and turn them into digital files and reclaim your space!
You can cool this problem by asking our Wizard, here at Verticomm

document solutions

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