Cloud Technology

Verticomm’s Cloud technology ensures that your team is able to work as effectively as possible from anywhere they want.

Our Hardware

Verticomm’s Cloud VTI platform ensures that your team is able to work as effectively as possible for as long as possible. To do this—once again, thanks to our cloud platform—we create a private cloud for each of our clients. Access to this cloud is extremely important in that this method is where many of our finest services are delivered.

cloud technology
cloud technology

Private Cloud

This cloud technology includes a primary host location within a 225,000 sq ft, Tier 3 data center in Denver, Colorado. Seeing as how Tier 3 is the highest commercial tier available for cloud hosting, you can be confident in the fact that you’re getting the best service possible. Our datacenter has been up and running for 13 years without a single outage.

The Latest Technology

Furthermore, Verticomm also has components all over the country, ensuring that—wherever you conduct business—your cloud will be there. Should the need arise for a swift platform update to keep your cloud as powerful as possible, we’ll be able to make the adjustment. In short, your cloud will evolve and grow alongside the very technology that first formed it.

cloud technology

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