Business Network Services

Verticomm provides the fastest business network services and WiFi connection for your employees and customers so they can do more in more places.

Wireless Solutions

Rapid tech advances in the past 5 years have driven the growth of wireless internet services. The scope of wireless or Wi-Fi connections is not just limited to computing via traditional devices like desktop computers and laptops, however.

Today, at Verticomm, there are numerous devices that employ wireless technology, greatly enhancing your smart business and leverage the importance of your company business netowrk services and productivity.

Business Network Services

Benefits of our Business Network Services:

  • A wireless network for employees that is private, internal and secure
  • A Private WiFi network that is completely separate from the Public WiFi
  • Verticomm takes care of the equipment, installation and 24/7 monitoring
  • An expanded Internet experience with access throughout your business
  • Ability to build your network over multiple location and states
  • Always ready, always fast access to email and business applications
  • Access cloud applications and shared devices like wireless printers and servers

Network Framework

Your business network and wireless are essential to the framework in your business when it comes to everyday tasks. Having a solid framework in place will insure you the best network speeds, reliability, and performance.

Make sure the network framework you have in place has the ability to scale with your business. As you grow you need to access email, servers, business applications IP telephones and video conference that will all run on your network.

Business Network Services

Business Network Services

Find the right network solution

Business network services and high-speed Internet is available to your business through many avenues: Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Cable Modem, Fiber, Wireless, Satellite, and more. How do you know which broadband is right for your company? How do you know that your ISP is providing you with an Internet package designed for business and not something meant for a residential connection? Have Verticomm do the research for you and let the experts determine what you need.

Take advantage of the latest technology

The Internet is revolutionizing how business gets done. Is your business taking advantage of these web-powered solutions? The Internet has changed so many aspects of workflow that a company doing procedures the same way it did five or even ten years ago. Virtualizing your IT network and business applications to the cloud is also another great money saving solution brought to you by the Internet.

Managed IT Services

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Verticomm can inform you about these and other great Internet solutions that will give your business the competitive edge by freeing up resources to grow your company.

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