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Powerful Business Network Equipment to Boost Productivity

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Industry specific IT Managed Services, simplify the process of bringing IT solutions to your business. At Verticomm we work with businesses across a multitude of different industries, giving us a unique ability to have industry experience in many areas to be the efficient and trusted partner you need in your IT Managed Services.

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Hardware Features & Benefits

Updated business network equipment gives your company and its employees to become more efficient and reduce downtime with less software issues and broken equipment. Learn what you and your employees can accomplosh with cutting edge technology powering your business.


Network Features & Benefits

Your network is the backbone of your business, powering your servers, IP phones, email, computers and pretty much all your business data. Give your company the advantage of a top flight network that will boost your efficiency and reduce your downtime all while being more secure.


Cabling Solutions

Make sure the framework of your data network is efficient and installed by experts. Ensuring that you get the best network speeds with no service interruptions. Giving your business the opportunity to be the most efficient it can be.

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Verticomm offers the best in business hardware to power your company with cutting edge technology. We offer everything from laptop & desktop computers, to servers, switches and firewalls.

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business network equipment

Network & Internet Services

Your network and internet powers your business and its data. Make sure you have the best network installed by experts so that your business is efficient and always moving forward with no downtime.

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Frequently Asked Questions
The only way to be certain is to have a Verticomm field technician come and evaluate your current network and electronically check the wiring and framework. If your connection to the Internet or your server seems slow or is unreliable, bad wiring is a likely the issue.
The differences in cable category have to do with the ability for data to flow over it over different distances. Cat5 cable is rated for data at distances of up to 100M. Cat5e cable is rated for up to 350M. Cat6 cable is rated from 550M to 1000M depending on the source of the cable. And Cat7 cable is rated from 700M to 1000M.  It should be noted that there is currently no official standard for Cat6 or Cat7, hence the range of distances.
As with any construction, wiring or any other service, if the job is done by someone who is not licensed they are unaware of the building and electrical codes that they must adhere to. As a result of this it is against the law for someone who is not licensed, bonded and insured to work on a business network. Doing so could result in fines or other penalties if an inspector finds improperly done work. This is especially true of cabling and wiring. Improper wiring can render a building uninhabitable until the problems are resolved. Verticomm is licensed and bonded, sand employ experts to install your data network.
Your companies size will determine how your organization designs and builds its network. The first determination is deciding what scale network you’re trying to design or re-design. The vendors you’ll work with, the technologies at your disposal, and the decisions you’ll have to make vary considerably depending on whether you’re building WAN links or LAN infrastructure.
Networking hardware, also known as network equipment or computer networkingdevices, are physical devices which are required for communication and interaction between devices on a computer network. Specifically, they mediate data in a computer network.
Absolutely!  With our size and purchasing strength, we are able to offer our clients products at very competitive pricing, and allow for hardware as a service (HaaS) and leases to assist our clients in preserving capital it all of our managed cloud services.