Professional Business Cloud Computing Spreads Like Wildfire

Business Cloud Computing

Business cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular among small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across the country. Today, the cloud enables companies to access application software with mere Internet connectivity, without having to invest in hefty computer hardware and software. Cloud computing has created a buzz in the IT industry, where … Read More

Why It’s Time to Outsource Your IT For Increased Efficiency

outsource your IT

In an effort to keep costs down and compete with larger corporations, small businesses often strive to keep work internal. While this typically is a good way to keep within your budget, outsourcing IT jobs—such as system administration tasks, help desk queries, or IT management—to specialized companies can reduce your … Read More

4 Powerful Reasons Cloud Computing is Going Mainstream

Cloud Computing Server Rack

It seems like more bad news for hardware companies, as Gartner states that $204 billion worth of IT spending will shift to cloud this year. In addition, that number is expected to double to $216 billion by 2020. It appears that analysts’ predictions have been correct, and the cloud is … Read More

Expert Managed Service Providers Are Valuable for Business

Managed Service Provider

If you’ve been running a reasonably big business organization, you would know what it takes to fulfill your company’s IT demands. Maintaining the hardware and software, the internal systems, developing security strategies, disaster recovery plans and the list goes on and on. The herculean task can sometimes take your focus … Read More

5 Great Ideas When Choosing a Document Management System

Electronic Document Management

Unlike yesteryear, modern businessmen have to be highly competitive and organized with their document management strategies. contracts, documents, spreadsheets, images, not to mention audio and video documents are part and parcel of today’s business documents. Trying to effectively run a business without knowing how to manage your electronic documents is … Read More

All Copy Products Acquires Synergy Telecommunications and Ceres Technology Group

All Copy acquires Ceres Technology Group and Synergy Telecommunication

Denver, CO (May 27, 2016) – All Copy Products today announced that it has acquired Synergy Telecommunications and Ceres Technology. Both acquisitions will be moving under the IT Division of All Copy Products, Verticomm. “The teams of Synergy Telecommunications and Ceres Technology Group are experts in the business voice solutions and managed … Read More

Must-Know Facts Before Deploying Unified Communication

Unified Communications

“Unified Communication” is an extremely popular marketing buzzword today, that describes the incorporation of real-time business communication services. The technology is lauded by businesses all over the world thanks to its ease of use, productivity, scalability and more importantly its ability to provide business continuity. Unified Communications Unified Communications According … Read More

Press Release: All Copy Products Rebrands IT Division to Verticomm

Verticomm Logo

 DENVER, CO MAY 19, 2016 – All Copy Products has sustained continual growth over the past several years, allowing us to expand our service offerings to cover all business technology needs. After our acquisition of Verticomm Technologies in Q4 of 2015, All Copy decided to rebrand our IT division from … Read More

Popular Cloud Computing Myths and Why You Should Know Them

Cloud Computing

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “cloud computing”? A common man would envision cloud computing as a risky business that makes an easy way for attackers. The fear of losing their business due to high-profile security breach holds them from using it at will. Even the … Read More

What to Look for When Seeking a VoIP Phone Solution

VoIP Phone Solutions

Any time a business owner has to make a decision about workflow optimization or new technology there are a great many variables to be considered. For starters, what may serve one business owner could be a wasted investment for another. Consequently, when deciding on a cloud based solutions provider it … Read More