4 Key Components of Network Security for Your Business

Network Security for Your Business

Author: Mark Rodholm, Director, Verticomm Network Security for Your Business Security breaches are still at high priority levels for many IT professionals around the globe, and this factor is showing up in higher annual budgets devoted to network security. Research firm Gartner forecasts $96.3 billion in global enterprise security spending … Read More

Uncovering the Cybersecurity Cornerstone, the Firewall

Cybersecurity Firewall

Author: Mark Rodholm, Director, Verticomm The Necessity of Firewalls for Cybersecurity With all the buzz today around terms like cybersecurity, hackers, malware, and viruses, it seemed appropriate to address the cornerstone of a business (and in some cases) a home network. This cornerstone is the firewall. As with any technology, the firewall … Read More

Getting Your Staff to Use Your Document Management Solution

document management

Changing the way your office handles its documents can significantly boost productivity amongst your employees, leading to cost savings that will positively impact your bottom line. However, people are often resistant to change in their daily lives. When a business implements a new initiative, employees need to be properly informed … Read More

3 Reasons Why It’s Time for Businesses to Look to the Cloud

Cloud Computing

Just a few years ago, large corporations were the primary adopters of cloud computing. However, more and more small businesses have jumped onto the cloud computing bandwagon recently. In fact, experts predict that about 78 percent of all small businesses will be using cloud services by the end of the … Read More

The Real Value of Managed IT Services for Business

Managed IT Services

Realize the true value managed IT services can bring your business Today’s modern businesses rely heavily on their IT systems to carry out daily operations. If your system or network crashes, your business comes to a standstill. Downtime means a loss of productivity, which negatively impacts your bottom line. Along … Read More

Ransomware: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Business


Ransomware is an insidious type of malware that locks your keyboard or computer, restricting you from accessing your data until you pay a fee or a ‘ransom’ for its release. The ransom is generally demanded in the form of Bitcoins, a digital currency that is sent using a computer or … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Document Management For Business

document management

Document management ensures the secure and efficient storage and management of electronic files in a single convenient location by replacing volumes of cumbersome paper documents with digital files. Through the use of a document management solution, organizations can ensure the effective management of their documents by deploying dedicated software that … Read More

Does Your Business Need a BYOD Policy?


Many small businesses are allowing employees to leverage their own portable devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones to stay connected on the go. Since customers today demand connectivity around the clock, companies are forced to accommodate them regardless of time, location, or day of the week. Our personal devices enable us … Read More

Defend Critical Data Against Ransomware with Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

It is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid ransomware. With a quick Google search, one can learn that ransomware activity is at an all-time high. Recently, the “WannaCry” software attack wreaked havoc across the globe by encrypting thousands of secure files then demanding payment to restore the corrupted data. Companies that … Read More

3 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

Network management is important for the optimization, security, and monitoring of complex IT infrastructures. Modern workers undertake multi-faceted, technology-driven tasks making network security and predictability essential. Consequently, more businesses are investing in outsourcing the management of their networks to IT experts to ensure optimized security and performance. Network monitoring services … Read More